Ride Helix

ride helix 2020

Ride Helix 2020 Review One of Ride’s stiffer freestyle boards, it’s asymmetrical shape and good set of features make it a fun board for riding everywhere. I really liked it, it was a very solid board. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Ride Helix Twin Hybrid Camber This profile is mainly traditional camber, …

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Yes 420

yes 420 2020

Yes 420 2020 Review I’m not sure if it was the first, but it is the first short ,wide, surfy powder board that I think of when someone says powder board. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Yes 420 Directional Weird Shape Radial Outline PowRock 602 Most of the board has a flat …

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Rome Crossrocket

rome crossrocket snowboard 2017

Rome Crossrocket 2017 The Rome Crossrocket is a all-mountain freestyle board, that is close to a twin shape, and has a 3d camber profile. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Rome Crossrocket 2017 No Hang-Ups Pop 2.0 Overall the Crossrocket has a regular camber profile, but the main difference is that the contact points (corners …

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Salomon Sick Stick

salomon sick stick snowboard 2017

The Sick Stick is a fun and floaty almost twin shaped powder board, that is just as much fun to ride on hardpacked snow as it is in pow.

Salomon Villain

salomon villain snowboard 2018

Salomon Villain Review The Salomon Villain is a medium flexing, twin shaped park board that rides just as well all over the mountain. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Salomon Villain True Twin Just like you would expect from a park board, it has a true twin shape, so there isn’t any difference whether you …

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DC Ply

dc ply snowboard 2017

DC PLY Review The DC PLY is actually a super fun park board. It has the Lock & Load camber profile, which is similar to a camber profile board, with a couple differences. To get rid of the aggressive, more catchy “camber” feel, the PLY has flat sections at the contact points, which are made to …

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Lib Tech Skate Banana

lib tech skate banana snowboard 2017

The Lib Tech Skate Banana is one of the boards that is so popular, so well known it would have to be up there with the Burton Custom. I’m not 100% who had it first, but I remember around 2008 when rocker boards were getting really popular, it was almost impossible to get yourself a …

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Burton Custom

burton custom 2024

The Burton Custom is one of the most famous and longest running snowboard models. It is a freestyle board, that has a traditional camber profile, a directional shape and a medium flex rating.

Burton Custom Flying V

burton custom flying v snowboard 2017

Burton Custom Flying V 2017 The Burton Custom Flying V is a less aggressive version of the classic Burton Custom. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Burton Custom Flying V Flying V The Flying V profile is made to get the best of both regular camber, and rocker styles, with the least of their …

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Bataleon The Jam

bataleon the jam snowboard 2016

Bataleon The Jam is a medium stiff board, with extra kevlar and carbon and the Freestyle 3BT.

Capita Indoor Survival

capita indoor survival snowboard 2017

Capita Indoor Survival 2017 The Capita Indoor Survival is a pretty affordable, mid flexing freestyle board that has a flat and rocker profile. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Capita Indoor Survival Freestyle Profile The Indoor Survival is flat under your feet, and then has reverse camber sections towards the nose and tail of the …

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Lobster Parkboard

lobster parkboard snowboard 2017

Lobster Parkboard 2017 The Lobster Parkboard is a medium soft flexing, twin park board that has the 3BT shape. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Lobster Parkboard Park 3BT The Park 3BT has a fairly wide middle base (only the jib board has wider), which is still going to keep you stable on rails …

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