capita the outsiders snowboard 2017
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Capita The Outsiders

Capita The Outsiders

Capita The Outsiders 2017

Capita The Outsiders is a true twin board, with a profile that is pretty close to regular camber. It has a medium flex that is rated as a 6/10, and is made to handle high speeds and big jumps.

capita new age camber

Features of Capita The Outsiders and what they mean

  • New Age Camber
    Similar to regular camber, but designed to be a little more forgiving. Small flat sections at the contact point mean that you still get a similar ride to camber, but with less of a catchy feel.
  • Canadian Maple Dual Core
    This core is made up of Poplar strips that have dense and strong Maple woodgrain on the edges of the core, and running through the insert area.
  • Dynaweave Fiberglass Configuration
    A combination that has Tri-ax on the top (3 directions) and Bi-ax (two directions) on the bottom.
  • 2x30mm Carbon Fiber Beams
    Add strength to the board without adding much weight.
  • Wax Infused Enduro Base
    Fast, high end base material that does a good job at soaking up wax and keeping the board fast.
  • Level 7 DeepSpace Silkscreen Topsheet
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
    This means that top topsheet of the board has a high gloss finish, without the pattern of the fiberglass showing through.
  • 360 Degrees Steel Edges
    Nothing fancy, the edges run the whole way around the board.
  • Full ABS Sidewalls
  • 4×2 Inserts – Plenty of stance options for your bindings.
  • Titanal Base Inlay
    Fancy name for the little metal capita logo inlayed in the base.

Sizes Available:

  • 148cm
  • 150cm
  • 152cm
  • 152cm Wide
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 156cm Wide
  • 158cm
Size (cm) 148 150 152 154 156 156W 158
Effective Edge (mm) 1150 1170 1180 1888 1190 1190 1215
Tip Width (mm) 291 293 295 297 290 304 302
Waist Width (mm) 248 250 252 254 255 260 258
Tail Width (mm) 291 293 295 297 290 304 302
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.8 7.9 7.9 8.0 8.1 8.1 8.3
Max Stance (in) 24 24 24 25 25 25 26.6
Stance Range (mm) 60.9 60.9 60.9 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5

capita the outsiders snowboard 2016

capita the outsiders snowboard 2015

capita the outsiders snowboard 2014

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