burton custom x snowboard 2017
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Burton Custom X

Burton Custom X

Burton Custom X 2017

The Burton Custom X is a stiff flexing, regular camber, directional board. It is the sort of board you will see being used in icy superpipes, and big air competitions.

Features of the Burton Custom X

  • Traditional Camber
    The traditional camber (regular camber) is the best for edge hold, pop and stability at high speeds. For people who like to go fast, ride big jumps and have lots of pop, traditional camber is the best choice.
  • Directional Shape
    It has a directional shape, which means that the nose of the board is slightly longer than the tail. Even though it is directional, you can still ride it switch.
  • Stiff Flex
    The regular camber and stiff flex mean that you can easily ride fast through chopped up snow, and still have lots of pop.
  • Twin Flex
    Even though the Custom X has a directional shape, the flex of the board is twin, so it will have the same flex feel in both the regular and switch directions.
  • FSC Certified Dragonfly 600G Core
  • Multizone EGD
  • Sintered WFO Base
    The base is made of a hard and fast material, that does a good job at soaking up wax and keeping the board moving fast. On top of that, there is wax infused into the base material.
  • 45 Degree Carbon Highlights High Voltage
  • Frostbite Edges
    The frostbite edges means that the edges extend out a little under your bindings, to help give a little bit of grip on ice and hard packed snow.
  • The Channel
    Channel board will work best with Burton EST bindings, although you can pretty much fit any newer bindings to a channel board without too much of a fuss.
  • Pro-Tip
    As you get to the nose and tail of the board, they get thinner, which helps keep the weight of the board down.
  • Infinite Ride
    The infinite ride is a machine that breaks in boards. Burton say that the boards are overbuilt at the factory, then put on the infinite ride machine that flexes and breaks in the board, so that the board has the same feel when it is brand new to when it is a few seasons old.
  • Squeezebox High
  • 3 Year Warranty

Sizes Available:

  • 152cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm
  • 159cm Wide
  • 160cm
  • 162cm Wide
  • 164cm
  • 164cm Wide

burton custom x 2018 base

burton custom x 2018 top sheet

BOARD SIZE 152 156 158 160 164 159W 162W 164W
Weight Range 125-165 lbs. / 57-75 kg 135-175 lbs. / 61-79 kg 145-185 lbs. / 66-84 kg 155-195 lbs. / 70-88 kg 170-210 lbs.+ / 77-95 kg+ 145-185 lbs. / 66-84 kg 165-205 lbs. / 75-93 kg 170-210 lbs.+ / 77-95 kg+
Running Length 1130mm 1170mm 1190mm 1205mm 1240mm 1190mm 1220mm 1240mm
Waist Width 244mm 248mm 249mm 250mm 252mm 259mm 260mm 261mm
Sidecut Depth 21.1mm 21.5mm 21.9mm 22.2mm 22.8mm 21.9mm 22.4mm 22.8mm
Sidecut Radius 7.6m 8.0m 8.1m 8.2m 8.5m 8.1m 8.3m 8.4m
Stance Width 505mm 530mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Nose Width 286.2mm 291.0mm 292.8mm 294.4mm 297.5mm 302.8mm 304.9mm 306.6mm
Tail Width 286.2mm 291.0mm 292.8mm 294.4mm 297.5mm 302.8mm 304.9mm 306.6mm
Effective Edge 1172mm 1212mm 1232mm 1250mm 1285mm 1230mm 1260mm 1280mm
Stance Location -25 -25 -25 -25 -25 -25 -25 -25
Binding Sizes S/M M M/L M/L M/L L L L

burton custom x snowboard 2015

burton custom x snowboard 2014

burton custom x snowboard 2013

burton custom x snowboard 2012

burton custom x snowboard 2011

burton custom x snowboard 2010

burton custom x snowboard 2009

burton custom x snowboard 2008

From evo.com

Love this board and camber kills everything. I hope they don’t stop making this one. Stiff fast plows through everything with no problem. My board really doesn’t leave the snow but love going fast and if I feel the need to catch air I’m not going to fear the landing. It’s stiff so if your not sure don’t buy it. Only problem I have is finding a binding I like using with it .

Excellent board, extremely responsive to your motions. Definitely a board meant for expert riders. As a former racer, this is a good board to transition to in order to maintain speed as well as have the freedom to take it through the park.

Very responsive with excellent edge hold on hard pack. Great carving when you hit softer snow too. The stiffness can push back in bumps. This board definitely wants to be ridden aggressively and demands full attention. Highly recommended for the serious boarder who wants to make hard carving turns.

Ahhhhhh, the Custom X. The baddest, meanest board in snowboarding. This is the board of choice if you’re riding style is FULL SPEED AHEAD. It wants to go FAST and HARD! Full Throttle snowboarding at it’s finest.

This board is not for the faint of heart. It’s true potential is only engaged at high speeds. At which point you will carve like never before. Virtually no chatter on hard pack. If your looking to jib around the park, don’t come knocking at this door! You will find it very stiff at slow speeds.

this board is awesome for hard pack, but you will know it if you make a mistake

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