Burton Ripcord

Burton Ripcord 2017 The Burton Ripcord is an entry level snowboard that is an ideal first board, or a step up for someone who normally rents.

Ride Warpig

The Ride Warpig is a new board for 2017, that comes in two sizes – small and large. It is made to be an easy carving, park board that floats in pow. It’s one of those boards that is popping up in edits all over the place.

Burton Socialite

Burton Socialite Review The Burton Socialite is made to be a soft flexing board, that can handle anywhere on the mountain.

Burton Social

Burton Social Review The Burton Social is a loose and fun snowboard that is really god for riders wanting to progress and learn new tricks.

Burton Skipjack Surf

Burton Skipjack Surf Review The Burton Skipjack Surf is made to ride deep pow, either with bindings like normal or without like a no board. Similar to the older Piledriver, the Skipjack has large rubber pads so you can ride/surf/skate on it without bindings.

Burton Nugget

Burton Nugget Review The Burton Nugget is a short, flat, twin board that is made to be ridden a whole 8-10cm shorter than the board you normally ride.

Burton Lip-Stick

Burton Lip-Stick Review The Burton Lip-Stick is a freestyle all mountain board, that is made for a more aggressive rider who wants a fun board.

Burton Genie

Burton Genie Review The Burton Genie is the easiest board in Burtons range, made for beginner riders to advance their riding skills.

Burton Feather

Burton Feather 2016 Review The Burton Feather is a smooth and easy to turn snowboard, that has a soft flex and a stable feel.

Burton Family Tree Modified Fish

Burton Family Tree Modified Fish Review The Burton Family Tree Modified fish is a floaty pow board made for those deep days. Different from the regular Fish, the Modified fish has a reduced sidecut, a setback stance (but still closer to twin) and a round tail.

Slash Spectrum

The Slash Spectrum is a completely flat freestyle snowboard. The Zero Camber profile means that it is right in the middle between an aggressive camber board, and a loose and playful rocker board. It has a 5/10 flex rating, so it is going to have enough flex that you can press and butter with it, but enough stability so that…

K2 WWW Enjoyer

K2 WWW Enjoyer 2016 The K2 WWW Enjoyer is just like the normal WWW, but you have the ability to cut your own tips and tails.

Niche Knew

The Niche Knew is a flat, soft flexing twin park board that can also ride all over the mountain.

Stepchild Dirtbag

Stepchild Dirtbag Review 2015/2016 The Stepchild Dirtbag is a flat camber, asymmetrical medium-soft flexing twin snowboard.