Reviews and advice on buying new snowboard gear

If you are new to snowboarding or just looking at buying some new gear, it can be a pain trying to find the right gear that is going to suit you and your abilities. Combined with the million different styles, features and benefits that every brand claims to have, it can be overwhelming.

The main goal of this website is to explain all the technical side of snowboard features, what they mean in simple terms and how it is going to feel when you ride them. Hopefully you end up having a better understanding at what features you should be looking for in your snowboard gear, so you can buy something that is exactly what you want.

There is the article section, which explains lots of the common questions to do with snowboarding.

If you already know the gear you want, you can use the search page will search through 55 of the biggest online stores and show you the cheapest places to buy from.