Guide to Burton Snowboard Bags

Are you planning on travelling with the board?

If you are going to be flying with your snowboard, then you will definitely need a padded bag. Give it all the protection you can against getting thrown around by baggage handlers.

Burton Snowboard Bag Sizing

How do you know what size board bag to get?

It doesn’t have to be hard to get the right size bag, just get one that has a larger size than the biggest board you will ever have to put in the bag. For example, if you have a 156cm board, as long as you get a bag in 156cm or bigger, you will be safe.

In reality, there is going to be a few extra centimetres of extra length, so most of the time you will still be able to fit a bigger board in. So if you have a 159cm board, there is a pretty good chance it will fit in the 156cm bag with no issues at all. Always best to be safe and order bigger, but there is quite a bit of wiggle room built in to the bags.

One thing that I would keep in mind, especially if you are getting a wheelie bag, is not to size it too big. With the wheelie bags, you need a board in the bag to make it rigid. If you have a 160cm board and you get a 181cm bag, the handle on the end is going to sag quite a bit, because you are going to have about 20cm of bag with no strength in it.

Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard Bag

The Flight Attendant is the biggest of the Burton bags, as well as the most expensive. If you need to take a whole lot of stuff, then this might be the option. Like you would expect from a big bag, it has wheels to keep to make moving it around as easy as possible.

Yes, it is a bigger bag compared to the Wheelie Gig, but the main thing that it does better is keep things organised. On the bottom, there is a folding layer, that lets you put a board (no bindings) underneath it, while also keeping it protected. You can then add the main board on top, and strap it down to hold everything in place.

There are a few pockets that you can access from the outside of the bag.

Being the top of the line option, the fabric is a tougher 900D (denier) rather than the 600D that the lower bags use. Not a huge deal, especially seeing that they all come with a lifetime warranty anyway.

Because it is a bigger bag, it has a slightly heavier starting weight compared to the other bags, before you put your gear inside it.


  • Most space
  • Pockets and layers to separate things
  • Easy to move around a fully loaded bag


  • Heavier
  • Expensive

In short: a big bag that will fit, organise and protect a lot of equipment.

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

The Wheelie Gig is going to be the bag that is going to suit the majority of people. There is still plenty of room on the inside to fit your equipment, but no fancy dividers like the Flight Attendant.

There is a pocket on the outside, and a couple of grab handles that make it easier to throw it in the back of a car.

As the name suggests, the Wheelie Gig bag has wheels.


  • Padded
  • Wheels


  • More expensive than equivalent options from other brands

Burton Gig Bag

Now we basically have the same thing as the Wheelie Gig Bag, just without wheels. You get all the protection for your equipment that you do from the two models up, but with none of the convenience when you need to move the bag around.

Don’t underestimate how much wheels help you, if you are going to spend money on a bag at all, I would think hard about getting one with wheels.


  • Padded
  • Fits plenty of equipment


  • No wheels, so it is more of a pain to move a fully loaded bag around

A Wheelie Gig without the wheels. Make the upgrade and get the wheelie version.

Burton Commuter Space Sack

The Commuter Space Sack is a simple bag, made from the tough outer material, but no padding. Just like the name describes, this bag is a bit easier to move around (seeing that it doesn’t have wheels).

The most useful feature of this bag are the backpack straps, but there is also a shoulder strap, and a small handle at the end.

If you have to walk to a but, or get on a train with your gear before you can go and ride, the backpack straps might end up being the nicest way to carry a lot of stuff.


  • Handy backpack straps
  • Pretty good price


  • No padding

Burton Space Sack

This is the simplest, most basic, though also the cheapest of all the Burton bags. No padding, just a simple shoulder strap and end handle.


  • Cheap


  • Super basic
  • No padding

Lifetime Warranty

All of these bags have a lifetime warranty, which is always a good thing. They are tough but still pretty simple bags, which is why there isn’t going to be an issue for Burton to give a warranty on something that you probably won’t have any issues with.

ModelFlight AttendantWheelie GigGigCommuter Space SackSpace Sack
Sizes (cm)156, 166, 181156, 166, 181146, 156, 166, 181146, 156, 166140, 156, 166, 181
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