Top 10 Soft Jib boards 2015/2016

1. Bataleon Disaster

bataleon disaster snowboard  

The Bataleon Disaster is a soft flexing (2/10), true twin snowboard that comes in 144cm, 148cm, 151cm, 153cm and 155cm lengths. It has the Jib 3BT base, so it has a camber shape but has the widest center base of the Bataleon range, so it is easy to lock on to 50-50s.

2. Rome Butterknife

rome butterknife snowboard

The Rome Butterknife is a soft flexing, true twin that has the NoHang-Ups Rocker profile. It is flat underfoot, and has a 3D rocker shape on the tip and tail to keep it loose and playful. It come in 146 cm, 149 cm, 152 cm and 155 cm lengths.

3. Capita Horrorscope

capita horrorscope 2015 snowboard

The Capita Horrorscope is a soft (4/10 flex), true twin jib board. It comes in 141 cm, 143 cm, 145 cm, 147 cm, 149 cm, 151 cm, 153 cm, 155 cm and 157 cm sizes.

4. Dinosaurs Will Die Maet

dinosaurs will die maet snowboard

The Dinosaurs Will Die Maet is a soft flexing twin board. It has the Lowrider Camber profile, and comes in 152 cm, 155 cm and 158 cm sizes.

5. Ride Kink

ride kink snowboard

The Ride Kink is a soft (2/10) Twin Rocker board. The Twin Rocker shape is pretty much a flat board with a slight rocker in the tip and the tail. It is available in 143 cm, 147 cm, 152 cm, 155 cm and as well wide versions.

6. Nitro Sub Zero

nitro sub zero snowboard

The Nitro Sub Zero is a soft flexing, twin board that has the Flat Out Rocker shape. The Flat Out Rocker is flat between the feet, and has a rockered tip and tail. It is available in 147 cm, 149 cm, 151 cm, 153 cm, 155 cm and 157 cm lengths.

7. Rome Shank

rome shank snowboard

The Rome Shank is a soft twin shaped board with the NoHang-Ups Rocker profile. It is flat in the middle of the board with 3d camber on the tip and the tail. It comes in 3 lengths, 144 cm, 148 cm and 152 cm.

8. Lobster Jibboard

2015 lobster jibboard

The Lobster Jibboard is similar to the Bataleon Disaster, it is a soft twin camber board with the Jib 3BT base. It comes in 144 cm, 148 cm, 151 cm and 153 cm sizes.

9. Salomon Sanchez

salomon sanchez snowboard

The Salomon Sanchez is a soft (2/10) flexing twin jib board. It comes in 141 cm, 146 cm, 151 cm, 155 cm and 159 cm lengths.

10. Niche Knew

niche knew snowboard

The Niche Knew is a medium soft flexing twin board, that has a flat profile. It comes in149 cm, 152 cm, 154 cm, 156 cm and 158 cm lengths.

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Find the Top 10 Soft Jib boards 2015/2016

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