How to stop Burton EST bindings from slipping

Overall, the idea of Burton’s EST bindings on their Channel boards is a good idea. You get almost unlimited options for binding angles, and stance widths.

One of the weaknesses is that each of the bindings is only mounted to the board by two screws, rather than the 4 of a normal binding. When one of the screws gets loose, rather than having the 3 backup screws on a regular snowboard, the whole job of holding the binding on to the board is now done by only one screw, which will then come loose.

I have spoken to lots of frustrated people who can’t seem to solve the problem of being able to keep their EST bindings tight on the board.

The main problem, is that they don’t do them up tight enough in the first place, so water can get under the bindings. Once it is under there, no amount of tightening gets rid of the film of water, so it is hard to make a good connection to the board.

The solution is to make sure that the board and bindings are completely dry when you mount them, so that the plastic/rubber on the bottom of the bindings can grip properly on the board, and then tighten the screws like crazy in the Channel. I haven’t had a problem with the bindings coming loose as long as they are mounted one the board when everything is dry.

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