Yes PYL 2023

Yes PYL 2023 Review

The Yes PYL (Pick Your Line) is a tapered, directional board that is no where near as full on as the description makes it sound.

How the Yes PYL rides

Board size: 159cm

Boots: Vans Infuse

Bindings: Burton Cartel

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 155lbs – or 183cm tall and 70kg.

Camber Profile

The CamRock profile is a safe choice for most boards, and it rides nicely on this one. There is just a small amount of rocker on the ends of the board, with a larger camber section between the feet. Overall it has the stable feel of a camber board, but never with the feel that makes you think it could catch you out if you aren’t paying attention.

Flex and Pop

I was expecting the PYL to be much stiffer than it was in real life. So far that has been my experience with all the Yes boards I have ridden, they are rated as being stiffer than I think/they ride softer than I would expect. Yes rate this as an 8/10 which is much stiffer than I would say it is, to me it was maybe a medium flex board at most. That isn’t a bad thing, though from the description of the board I did expect that it would be a fairly serious board that would be able to handle steeper alpine terrain without an issue.

Although it isn’t super stiff, that does mean that it would end up a more enjoyable board in more conditions for a wider range of riders. There also is the PYL UnInc version, which has a different core, though I haven’t ridden that to compare the two.

It wasn’t too hard to press and move the PYL around, and ollies did feel nice. The tail was solid enough to hold things together and stop the board from washing out when I was too far back, but never felt too stiff.

Edge Hold

I didn’t have any complaints about how the PYL held its edge, even on icy snow. Tapered camber boards are generally pretty good in this area, and although it does have the underbite steps in the sidecut, I couldn’t tell how much help they were really adding to the grip.


Although it does have the Tapered Underbite outline, it is still basically a regular tapered design, just with some extra little steps in there. I couldn’t really tell how much they were affecting how well the board turns, as tapered boards with a rocker nose pretty much guarantee a smooth and easy feeling start to a turn.


I was riding the PYL in spring conditions, so I didn’t get to ride it in nice, proper powder.


Without having a super stiff flex, I was pretty comfortable riding the PYL fast, when I made an effort to keep my weight centered it felt very stable, and even surprise bumps on the run weren’t a big deal.


I would have figured that this would have been a more aggressive board for experienced riders, but it was more fun than the serious board that I thought it would be.

Who would this board suit?

Anyone who is an intermediate or above rider, who wants a solid all-mountain board that they could comfortably take out no matter the conditions, and still have fun on it. It is easy and smooth to turn, but it won’t feel like you are ever locked into a plank.

Does it come in wide models?

The 160 and 164 are both wide models, and the 164 has a waist width of 265 so it can easily handle some pretty big boots.

Similar Boards

The boards that I put in this section all have a few things in common, which are a profile that has a decent section of regular camber, at least a medium flex and a tapered shape.

Burton Skeleton Key

Capita Kazu

Features of the Yes PYL

Directional Shape

The PYL has a longer nose than tail.

Weightless Core

A mix of poplar and paulownia wood – made to get a balance of strength to weight so that it is strong enough to not break, but not too heavy.

Triax Glass

Three directions of fiberglass, that generally give boards a stiffer torsional flex.

Sintered True Base

This is a proper sintered base, so if you keep it waxed and maintained you will get the best speed out of it.

7/10 Flex

A medium stiff flex, though to me it felt softer.

Tapered UnderBite

yes tapered underbite

Directional CamRock 1-4-2

This profile has camber between the feet, and rocker on the nose and tail of the board.

yes PYL profile

Alternating Base

This just means that the base alternates from model to model, so one will have a black base with a white logo, while the next will have a white base with a black logo.

Sizes available:

  • 156cm
  • 159cm
  • 160cm Wide
  • 162cm
  • 164cm Wide
  • 165cm

Yes PYL 2021 Technical Specs

Length (cm)Effective Edge (cm)Contact Length (cm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Taper (cm)
160 Wide1191042607.8-6.9-6.00.55
164 Wide123107.52658.0-7.1-6.20.53

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4 thoughts on β€œYes PYL 2023”

  1. Hi! Your review and vids are top notch!! Thank you for taking the time to make awesome reviews! Kudos to your camera guy too! How would you compare the PYL to the Mercury?

    • Thanks Jay! The PYL was a bit softer, and was very nice and smooth to turn with the taper. The Mercury with the stiffer flex and almost twin shape make it a bit nicer if you are going to ride some park/switch, but still very good in all terrain.

      PYL – slightly more playful directional board, Mercury – stiffer do everything almost twin

  2. How do you think this board compare to Jones Flagship? I mostly ride fast hard packed, but also trying to get as much powder days as I can

    • I have only ridden the Flagship for a couple of runs, but overall it was way more serious/stiff than the PYL. On chopped snow I think that the Flagship is going to be way more stable, but both should be nice in powder. If you want more playful, then the PYL would be good.