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Telos Legend 2023 Review

The Telos Legend is an all-mountain twin, with a mid flex that is made to ride a bit of everything. I really liked this board, and even though I only planned to ride this board for a couple of days, I ended up riding it for a week straight.

How the Legend Rides

Board size: 154cm

Boots: Vans Infuse 9.5

Bindings: Burton Cartel (though these are the older ones, that are closer in feel to the Cartel X)

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 155lbs – or 183cm tall and 70kg. I had this board set up in the same way that I ride most of the boards that I test out – +12 degrees on the front foot, -9 on the back and with a slightly narrower stance, around 21.5 inches or so.

Camber Profile

Overall the camber profile has a cambered feel, but it is far from a simple profile. It does ride with the positives of traditional camber, so it has a stable feel, good edge hold and the board does have a lively feel. There is some rocker on the contact points at the nose and tail, so it does have a more forgiving feel, and it doesn’t want to catch when you do something wrong, or don’t get a spin the whole way around. There is a tiny bit of rocker in between your feet, which is a similar type of design to the C3 on Lib Tech and GNU boards.

Flex and Pop

The flex of the Legend is right in the medium but useful range. It is stiff enough for pretty aggressive riding, it will hold up in mystery terrain well, but it never feels too much. The pop is good, getting a good ollie doesn’t take much effort.

Edge Hold

The edge hold was very good, slightly better than I would have expected even for a board with a mainly camber profile and a medium flex. It was grippy through all parts of a turn, though it did feel especially good in the middle of a turn.


Nothing to complain about with how the Legend turned, smooth and fairly quick edge to edge.


I didn’t really ride the Legend in any proper deep powder, though even if I did I wouldn’t have expected too much from a twin shaped board.


This board had been freshly waxed before I rode it, though it still kept riding quickly even after a full week of riding, even through lots of variable snow.


The Legend is an easy board to recommend if you are looking for a twin to do everything. Although I wouldn’t necessarily recomment the Chillum to everyone, the Legend is an easy choice.

The features of the Legend make it easy to just get on and start riding, so if you are an intermediate or above rider, then I think you would be able to get a lot out of it.

It has everything that makes a board fun (at least for me), and it has enough in it to let you ride it hard, but it doesn’t force you to if you want to have some more relaxed laps.

Similar boards:

Telos Chillum

To me these two boards had quite a similar overall feel, with the main difference being the flex, and even that wasn’t a huge difference. The Chillum was a bit stiffer, so if you are someone who wants to ride bigger features, go faster with a bit less forgiveness, it would be the board to go for.

Burton Custom

Another board that is similar in feel overall, the Custom has a slight bit of a directional shape.

Features of the Telos Legend

Dual Camber with Centre Micro Rocker

telos dual camber with micro center rocker

6/10 Flex

Just a touch above a medium flex.

Flow Control Core

Poplar and paulownia core, with carbon fiber stringers.

Digital Printed Top

A durable plastic topsheet, with a bit of transparency showing the wood core.

Fiber-Flex Construction

Triax (three directions) of fiberglass.

Perma-Flex Resin

A NO-VOC resin, non harmful but strong and reliable.

Polyurethane Sidewalls

Laser Etched Sidewall

Full Wrapped Edge

Custom Twin Shape

Oneball Bio-Green Wax

Sizes available:

  • 146cm
  • 150cm
  • 154cm
  • 158cm

Telos Legend 2021 Technical Specs

Length (cm)Effective Edge (mm)Setback (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Taper (mm)Camber (mm)

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