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Yes Season Nexus 2023 Review

The Season Nexus is a slightly wider, do everything all-mountain board. It has a mainly cambered profile, with a bit more rocker in the nose than the tail, and a small amount of taper. The first time that I flexed the Nexus (off snow) I was very surprised about how soft it was. I hadn’t read anything about the board beforehand, I wanted to just ride it to see how it felt first without trying to remember a million little features it has. Somehow, magically it doesn’t ride at all like it felt just flexing it, stability comes out of nowhere making it a bit of a surprise board.

How the Season Nexus 2023 Rides

Board size: 155cm

Boots: Vans Infuse (medium-stiff flex)

Bindings: Burton Cartel X (medium-stiff flex)

I am 6 foot tall, and weigh 155lbs or about 70kg. I rode this with my regular setup that I use to test most boards, which is the Burton Cartel X bindings, and Vans Infuse boots. Both of those have a medium-stiff flex rating.

I generally ride with angles of around +12 and -9, with a fairly narrow stance width, though I do change it up quite often to see if other setups ride better.

I was riding the Nexus at Mt Hotham in Victoria, in spring conditions. The snow was quite hard and fast in the morning, which turned to soft and slushy as it warmed up in the afternoon.

Camber Profile

The Nexus has a proven profile – camber under your feet and rocker on the nose and tail. There is a good reason that almost every brand will have a profile like this.

Overall you get the feeling of camber, which gives the board a stable feel, a good push back when you flex the board and a lively feel.

Overall, the Nexus has the feel of a camber board. That means that it has a stable feel when riding fast, and feels poppy and lively when you flex it. The rocker sections on the nose and tail

Flex and Pop

Like I mentioned earlier, the boards does seem to have a very soft flex, but that somehow disappears when actually riding the board. Even when my weight was a little too far back to the tail, it didn’t feel like the Nexus wanted to wash out, I was surprised that it held it all together.

Ollies felt quite nice, because it wasn’t hard to load up the tail, and it pushes back well. I didn’t take much effort to get a nice feeling ollie.

Edge Hold

The edge hold is consistent with what I would expect for a board with this style of camber profile. It is strong enough that I could rely on it to hold without slipping, on everything but the worst icy corners.


There is just a little bit of taper, but I think that it nicely balances out the wider width of the board, and stops it from feeling slow edge-to-edge. It is fun and smooth just to make quick turns, I have no complaints at all about how it feels.


Like all the boards that I test, it was waxed before I rode it, and there wasn’t any issues keeping speed, even in the warm afternoon slush, which can be a problem for some boards/bases.

What sort of rider is the Season Nexus good for?

If you are looking for a one board to do it all, this is a board that should be on the shortlist. A good camber profile that isn’t too intimidating if you haven’t done a lot of riding, but still with plenty of life so that a more experienced rider can push it a long way.

The shape is very useful, and even if you like to ride in the park I would still consider it. It is a solid platform but without being too stiff, and the mid wide width is going to keep it as an option for riders with boots that are on the edge of needing a wide board.

It’s a unisex board that comes in a million sizes, so there is going to be one that suits you.

Similar to Korua Shapes boards, Season keep the same graphics each season so you won’t feel like you are buying a board only for it to expire at the end of the season, just to be replaced with a version with new graphics.

Similar boards:

Capita Navigator


Features of the Season Nexus

5mm Camber

Medium Flex

Bio Resin Epoxy

Seamless Sintered 4000 Base

Poplar/Paulownia Wood Core

360 Double Damping Sidewalls

Steel Tail Reinforcement

Sizes available:

  • 143cm
  • 148cm
  • 152cm
  • 155cm
  • 158cm
  • 159cm Wide
  • 161cm
  • 162cm Wide
  • 164cm

Season Nexus 2023 Technical Specs

Length (cm)Effective Edge (mm)Setback (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m – heel/toe)Taper (mm)
149114602455.7 / 6.20
151116402535.9 / 6.40
154119102566.1 / 6.60
156120802596.3 / 6.80
159123502626.5 / 7.00

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3 thoughts on “Season Nexus”

  1. Hi Lucky,

    Which board would you choose for all-mountain board between Season Nexus vs. Nitro Team (though I know they are quite a completely different board) if powder is not a factor or its mild enough that both can handle. That said, which board would you choose for your do-everything all-mountain board, and why? Would really love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you!

    • I would choose the Nitro Team. Being stiffer it handles faster riding easier, and narrower waist width so quicker edge to edge. Very solid board to do everything. You could get by in powder if you set it all the way back, but the Nexus would win there because of the volume.

      • Cool beans! Thanks so much lucky! Now I just got to decide between Nitro Team and Burton Custom. In a dilemma, from what I’ve tried to research (limited), though both are pure camber, the Nitro Team somehow feels a tad less catchy/hooky compared to Burton Custom and it is also lighter and don’t have to worry about channel-binding loosening (Notorious). I’d suppose you’re more towards Nitro Team too if you were to put your money down to buy between them. Season Nexus – Out!