Korua Shapes Otto

Korua Shapes Otto Review

The Korua Shapes Otto is easiest intro to Korua Shapes boards, which has an almost twin shape, very different from the extreme shapes of the rest of the range. It still has the Korua feel, but in a regular shape.

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How the Korua Shapes Otto Rides

Board size: 157cm

Boots: Vans Infuse 9.5

Bindings: Burton Cartel

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 155lbs – or 183cm tall and 70kg.

Camber Profile

The Otto has the Float Camber profile, which is the most common on Korua boards. I am quite used to this profile, and I am a fan of rocker on the nose and camber under the feet, no matter the brand.

Flex and Pop

I felt that the Otto was relatively stiff, about the same as my Transition Finder. Although they rate this board as having a slightly softer flex, I couldn’t tell at all.

Edge Hold

The edge hold is very strong on the Otto. Even though there is a bit of rocker on the nose, the edge hold of the Otto does feel like an old school, traditional full camber board.


Turning the board still has a similar feel to other Korua boards, which I didn’t really expect seeing that the Otto doesn’t have any taper. It looks like that feeling is mainly coming from the camber profile, combined with the narrower (by Korua standards) waist width speeding up the edge to edge feel.


I didn’t ride the Otto in any proper powder, I was mainly riding in harder packed and spring slush conditions. Even with the rocker on the nose, I wouldn’t expect too much from it in powder, at least not compared to boards like the Transition Finder with the much more directional shape and extra taper.


Just like all the boards that I test, I had freshly waxed the Otto before riding it. The speed felt consisted with the other Korua (red base) boards that I had ridde, which was decently fast in all conditions. Separate from the base material, I think that the camber profile contributing quite a lot to the stability of the board, which makes you more comfortable riding fast.


Overall the Otto is going to be a good option for someone is interested in a Korua Shapes board, but doesn’t want to jump the whole way in to something with a bunch of shape.

If you are looking at a Korua Shapes board, but do want to ride a whole lot of switch or park, then the Otto will probably be the choice. Even the new updated Transition Finder has a ton more shape, so switch riding will have a whole different feeling.

Similar boards:

Burton Custom X

Following the spec sheet the Custom X shouldn’t be too close to the Otto, but to me they felt quite similar in how they rode. The Custom X is definitely lighter and quicker edge to edge, but I can roughly group them as having the same feel.

Features of the Korua Shapes Otto

Float Camber

korua shapes float camber

Biaxial Fiberglass

UV Lacquer Topsheet

Poplar Light Wood Core

Perlatec Base

Sizes available:

  • 153
  • 157
  • 161

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Korua Shapes Otto 2021 Technical Specs

Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Setback (mm) Waist Width (mm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Board Weight (kg) Weight (kg)
153 1120 10 255 8.1 0 2.6 45-80
157 1170 10 260 8.2 0 2.8 55-90
161 1210 10 268 8.3 0 3.0 65-95+



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