Von Zipper Feenom

Von Zipper Feenom 2015 Review

The Von Zipper Feenom goggles are large, spherical goggles in a similar style and size to Electric EG2.

They are made to fit medium to large faces, although I guess at best I would be a medium, and they fit me just fine.

Features of the Von Zipper Feenom goggles:

  • Ergonomic frame design
  • Thermo-polyurethane injected molded frame
  • Oversized spherical lens
  • Barricade anti-fog and hard coated lens
  • Forward vents
  • Triple density facefoam
  • Articulating helmet hinge

These are goggles that I have worn for a few years, that I have no complaints about. Then only reason I changed to a new pair was I had scratched the lens, and felt like a change. The pair that I had came with a Persimmon Chrome and a Yellow low light lens.

The Chrome lens was used almost all the time, for me it was a good mix and could handle bright days nicely and still do well when it started to get overcast. The yellow was only used when the visibility was terrible or I was riding at night.

The frame is soft, and easily bends to your face without making any pressure points. Although they are hidden, there are articulating helmet hinges. Basically where the strap joins the front of the goggles there is a hinge, so that if you are wearing the goggles over a helmet, the hinge opens up so that the goggles still press nicely against your face even with the added width of the helmet.

There are vents in the top front of the lens, which are made so that the faster you are riding, the more air flows and clears out the fog faster. I rarely had a problem with fog, and I used these goggles in all sorts of conditions from wet Australian snow to dry Rocky Mountain powder. The only time they would temporarily fog would be when I was out in very cold conditions (-30c), but it seemed to clear itself quite fast.

Changing lenses is not too hard but it is no where near as nice as a quick release system like the Oakley Airbrakes. To change the lenses, you just pull the goggle frame apart at the top and bottom of the lens, which will release the little clips. Putting a new lens in is painless, as long as you line up all the little guides first, otherwise it doesn’t always clip in the whole way around.

Overall, they are some nice comfortable goggles, that come with a spare low light lens that don’t cost too much.

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