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Oakley Airbrake 2015 Goggles review

The Oakley Airbrake goggles are one of their most popular models, with quick changing lenses. They are described as fitting a medium to large face, and I would be on the smaller end of that scale, and they are still super comfortable.

The first thing that I noticed wearing the Airbrakes compared to any other goggles that I have owned, was the weird clearness when looking through the lenses. I don’t remember the exact name of the feature, but when I read about it in the booklet that came with the googles, the idea is that the roundness of the lens is made to match the roundness of your eyes, so everything looks very sharp.

Quite hard to explain, but definitely a big plus, something that I have’t noticed on any other pair of goggles that I have owned before.

Probably the two main reasons that people would buy these goggles would be for the brand, and the quick lens changing system. It is quite easy, you flick a little lever on one side of the goggles, and the lens can easily lever out. Put the new lens in and move the lever to lock it down. It is quick and easy to change, and is especially handy when the weather changes frequently.

For most of my riding, I wouldn’t even bother bringing the spare lens with me, but spending a couple of weeks riding in Japan quickly changed that. The weather there changes faster than anywhere I have seen, so I was swapping between sunny and low loght lenses a few times a day. If I had some regular goggles, changing lenses that often would have been a major pain.

One thing that I was able to do, was actually change the lenses while I was wearing them going up the lift, I know that they aren’t really designed to do that, but it is possible.

The straps are mounted quite wide on the goggles, so they fit well weather you are wearing them with a helmet or not.

I have used these goggles for a couple of seasons now, in all conditions and I would definitely recommend them. I have not had a problem with them fogging up, even on deep powder days they did a good job.

They are expensive though, but if you have that much money to spend on goggles, they are going to do a very good job for the money. Comfortable, easy to change and come with 2 lenses.

Features on the Oakley Airbrakes:

  • Switchlock lens changing system
  • Two lenses
  • Helmet compatible

What other people are saying about the Oakley Airbrake Goggles

From dogfunk.com

The goggles fit great and are extremely comfortable. They fit a lot bigger than A frames or Crowbars and the added size gives you a great field of view. The lenses are also way easier to change than the A frames and can be done in less than a minute if conditions change. Oakley gives you two lenses which makes the price a little more understandable but for overall performance of the goggle it is very comparable to other Oakley models


Sammo Cohen – ALL TIME

The Airbrake is a great goggle for anyday. The lens changing system is futuristic and works really well. Compared to the Smith I/O changing out the lens is as easy or easier. Clean design and well functioning. I would say this goggle is one of the best on the market hands down.

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