Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots Review

vans infuse arthur longo

The Vans Infuse are some high end (top of the Vans line) boots that give you an adjustable flex, with plenty of heel hold. My biggest issue with finding boots is getting enough ankle hold, other than that I don’t have any other things that I really have to look out for. The last boots …

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Salomon Launch BOA SJ

salomon launch boa sj boots 2019

Salomon Launch BOA SJ Review The Salomon Launch BOA SJ is a mid flexing, freestyle boot that is the answer if heel hold has ever been a problem for you. If you have narrow feet, it can be pretty difficult to find a boot that will lock your foot down hard enough, without being on …

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ThirtyTwo TM-TWO

thirtytwo tm two boots scott stevens

The¬†ThirtyTwo TM-Twos are by far my favorite boot. They are a stiff flexing, light and comfortable boot that has regular laces. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] The ThirtyTwo TM-Twos have a Level 3 Footbed, which is light, comfortable and made from two different densities of foam to help absorb impacts and bumps from riding. The …

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Burton Hail

burton hail boot

The Burton Hail is a surprisingly good boot for someone who rides everywhere.