Difference between Lobster Parkboard and Jibboard

lobster parkboard and jibboard

Two boards that have been getting very popular over the last two seasons are the Lobster Jib Board, and the Lobster Park board.

Although there are lots of exceptions, in most videos you will see Halldor Helgason riding the parkboard, and Eiki riding the Jibboard.


Both the Jib Board, and the Park Board are twin shape. That means that you can ride them regular or switch, and there will be no difference.


They both have TBT (Triple Base Technology – the same as Bataleon). Basically the board has a camber profile, so you will still get good edge control and camber, but the base is separated into 3 sections: left, center and right.

The left and right bases have a small angle on them, which means you still get a loose and playful feel without the danger of catching edges everywhere. The center base (which you can see in the picture above) is the flat section that runs from the tip to the tail.

The Park Board has Park TBT while the Jib Board has Jib TBT, The main difference is that the Jib TBT has a wider centre base, so that it is more stable on rails. The Park TBT is slightly thinner, which makes it better for riding everywhere, but still being able to do rails.


Not surpisingly, the Jibboard has a soft flex, and the Parkboard has a soft/medium flex.


The Jibboard has an extruded base, which is slower, but easier to repair. Not too much of a tradeoff because if you are jibbing, you are going to damage it. The Parkboard has a faster sintered base, so it will hold wax better than an extruded base.


If you want a soft fun board, and are going to spend most of your time jibbing in the park or the street, get the Jibboard. If you want to do more jumps, ride everywhere but still be able to press out on rails, get the Parkboard.

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Find the Difference between Lobster Parkboard and Jibboard

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