Are my bindings compatible with my snowboard?

There are a two major types of mounting systems for snowboards, the regular 4×4/4×2 and The Channel.

The Channel is used by Burton (and now Endeavor)

Everybody else uses the standard mounting system.

If you choose to go the Burton route, you will have a Channel board, which works best with EST bindings. The idea with the Channel is that rather than the 4 mounting screws of a normal board, you have 2 which slide along the channel.

It means that you aren’t as restricted with stance angles or widths.

Mounting Type Regular 2×4 / 4×4 The Channel Burton 3D
EST Bindings No Yes No
Re:Flex Bindings Yes Yes Yes
Regular Bindings Yes Sometimes No

Brands of bindings that will fit on Channel Boards

Union bindings on a Channel boards

Both the Minidisk and the New Disk will work on Channel and regular boards.

Ride bindings on a Channel board

Bindings with the Micro-Disk will work on Channel Boards. Ride bindings with the 4″ disc need to buy the Slot Compatible Disk Kit


Flow bindings on a channel board

Flow bindings with the Multidisc fit Channel, regular and 3d pattern boards.

Burton Re:Flex

Burton Re:Flex bindings come with 6 discs, so they can be mounted on 4×4/4×2, Channel and the old Burton 3d pattern.

Salomon bindings on a channel board

Salomon bindings with the universal disc will work with everything

K2 bindings on a channel board

K2 bindings with the Mini Universal Disc will work with 4×4/4×2, Channel and 3D snowboards.


If you are looking at buying bindings but aren’t sure if they will fit your board, use this contact form and I’ll double check them for you.

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9 thoughts on “Are my bindings compatible with my snowboard?”

  1. hay there

    just wanted to help clear this up for you and others who might read this,

    ANY binding can go on a burton channel board,

    burton est bindings can only go on channel boards. not to sure how old this article is but if its from 2009 or earlier then you totally correct but now days union, flux, k2, flow and all others will go on channel boards, just need to change the plates if they are the 4 hole ones. the first gen of the channel was different as the insert was like a wierd screw comming out of the board. what they use now you screw into the insert so any m6 screw will work.

    as i said if this is crazy old your right but in 2010 onwards anything goes

    • I have a 4 x 4 board and I want to try burton channel bindings. Can I get a disk to adapt ? Please let me know. Feels like what I am asking is rare

      • No you can’t use EST bindings with a 4×4 board, but you can use the Re:Flex models. They still have the flexible disc, so you might notice a little bit more of the board feel, but not as much as the EST Channel versions would give you.

  2. Hello,
    I’m trying to mount Rossignol bindings on a flow board in a 4×2 pattern. I don’t have mount disc yet, it do they make universal fit mounting disc to fit both the board and the binding? Thanks!