Why are there so many versions of the Burton Custom?



The Burton Custom is one of the most famous snowboards, that has been around for 20 years. I am guessing that someone at Burton decided that they need to milk the Custom name for all that it is worth, so there is now this big list of “Burton Custom” products that Burton make.

This is a quick quide to the major differences between each of the different models of Custom.

Burton Custom Snowboard

burton custom flying v snowboard 2017The original model, which has a regular camber profile, directional shape and a fairly aggressive ride. Although it is a directional board, it has a twin flex, and a fairly light 700g core. Like all Burton boards (and the various versions of Customs), it has The Channel, which gives you lots of stance options and angles for your bindings, but works best with Burton EST bindings. If you see pros riding a Custom in videos, it will almost definitely be the camber version. Read more about the Customburton camber bend

Burton Custom Flying V

burton custom flying v snowboard 2017A Flying V version of the original, which has a much different ride to the camber version. I think that it is made so that people can ride a much more forgiving board, while still saying they are riding a Custom.

It has the Flying V profile, which is a hybrid design, so there are camber and rocker sections to the board. Compared to the camber version, this model is going to be much more forgiving, and won’t catch or kick back like a camber board does. Read more about the Custom Flying V

burton flying v bend

Burton Custom X

burton custom x snowboard 2017The Custom X is a more aggressive version of the Custom, which has a regular camber profile and a directional shape. It is stiff, has tons of pop and it very solid at high speed. Because it is such an aggressive board, you will see it being ridden in big halfpipes, and on big jumps. Read more about the Custom X

burton camber bend

Burton Custom X Flying V

burton custom x flying v snowboard 2017This is a strange one in my opinion, as they took their most aggressive board, and gave it the much more forgiving Flying V profile. Why they did that, I don’t know. I am guessing that it is so people can buy a board that is known to be super aggressive, looks exactly the same as the real camber version, but doesn’t need anywhere near the same skill to ride it. Read more about the Custom X Flying V

burton flying v bend

Burton Custom Twin

burton custom twin snowboard 2017A twin shaped version (not directional) of the original Custom. The 2017 model has the PurePop Camber profile, which is a regular camber, flat sections towards the tip and tail and a little bit of early rise rocker. The PurePop camber is a little bit more forgiving than plain old regular camber (because of the flat and early rise sections), but still has the benefits of camber. The twin shape is useful for park riders who spend a lot of time landing or riding switch. Read more about the Custom Twin.

burton purepop camber bend

Burton Custom Twin Flying V

burton custom twin snowboard 2017A Flying V (hybrid camber) and twin shaped version of the Custom. Same as the board above, but the Flying V gives it more float in deeper snow, and makes it more forgiving when you don’t get your spins all the way around. Read more about the Custom Twin Flying V.

burton flying v bend

Burton Family Tree Custom Split

burton family tree custom splitboard 2016A splitboard version of the Custom, with a directional shape and PurePop Camber profile. Made for the motivated people who are going to get out there and skin up mountains. Search for the Family Tree Custom Split

burton purepop camber bend

Burton Custom 20th Anniversary Edition

burton custom 20th anniversary snowboard 2016A version with a “throwback” to the old graphics, with the PurePop camber and a directional shape. Not just different graphics on this one, it is the only version that is Directional and has the PurePop Camber. Search for the 20th Anniversary Custom

burton purepop camber bend

Burton Custom Mystery

burton custom mystery snowboard 2017An expensive version of the Custom, made with high end parts. Read more

burton purepop camber bend

Burton Custom Smalls

burton custom smalls snowboard 2016A kids version of the Custom, which has the Flying V profile and a twin shape. Made in small sizes for small people. Search for the Custom Smalls

burton flying v bend

Burton Custom Bindings

burton custom bindingsNot their entry level bindings, but one small step up. Quite affordable bindings, that aren’t anything fancy.

Also, they have a couple of Pullovers that are called Burton Custom too, just incase you hadn’t heard the name enough.

So, if someone tells you they ride a Custom, it could be any of number of boards, now that the Custom name has been watered down so much. Read more about the Custom bindings


You can use this search page to find out if any stores have the Custom you want on sale.

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