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Bataleon Evil Twin Review

The Bataleon Evil Twin is a strong board that can handle riding anywhere on the mountain.

It has Bataleons Twin TBT (Triple Base Technology), which means that the base is separated into 3 parts, the left, middle and right base. What this does is lifts the contact points up a few mm, so while you are riding, you can still have the loose feel of rocker.

Unlike rocker though, having a camber profile means that you have much better pop and edge hold than you can get from a rocker or hybrid rocker combination board.

It has a medium flex, so it has good pop for jumps, but is still flexible enough that you can butter and press it.

TBT does take a while to get used to, now that I have put in over 40 days I am a convert. It is an odd feeling while you are riding flat based, you have the same rocker looseness, but as soon as you put it slightly on edge, you are back to the hard carving camber feeling.

When I was riding the Bataleon Evil Twin, one thing that I found that was harder to do, was being able to comfortably nose press on a flat run. While it is super easy to press and hold on a soft flat jib board like the Capita Horroscope, the Evil Twin is a lot looser, and hard to steer because all of your weight is on the almost spoon shaped nose. This isn’t really a big deal, and if you were to try that on one of Bataleon’s jib boards, with the wider Jib TBT it would be much less of a problem.

It is a twin shape, so riding, landing and taking off switch are just the same as riding regular.

It has a fast and hard sintered base, which in my experience made overtaking people on cat tracks very easy. Seemed to hold wax well, I didn’t have to wax it that often.

Tech in the Bataleon Evil Twin snowboard:

  • Twin TBT (Triple Base Technology)
  • Triax Glass
  • Lightning edges
  • Core core
  • Sintered base


  • Good pop
  • TBT is great
  • Strong edge hold
  • All around killer board
  • Handles well in all conditions


  • Slightly harder to lock in presses because of the TBT
  • TBT takes a few days to get used to

Available sizes:

  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 157cm

What sort of ride would like the Bataleon Evil Twin:

Someone who wants a mid flexing board, with good edge hold that is going to be really good in the park. It will up well on jumps but still have a bit of playfullness with the TBT shape.

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