Analog Gore-Tex Field Pants

The Analog Gore-Tex Field Pants an upgraded version of the regular Field Pants. They are made with 2 layer Gore-Tex material, but still have the street/casual look of the cheaper versions.

Burton TWC Greenlight Pants

The Burton TWC Greenlight Pants are the cheapest mens pants that Burton make, which only cost $140, but still have a decent waterproof rating. They are pretty standard looking pants, that don’t have big cargo pockets everywhere, just the regular pockets you would get on jeans.

Burton AK 3L Hover Pants

The Burton AK 3L Hover Pants are expensive, high end, 3 layer Gore-Tex shell pants. They are some of the most expensive pants that Burton make, and are made for riders who are serious about their gear.

Burton AK 2L Cyclic Pants

The Burton AK 2L Cyclic Pants are high end, two layer Gore-Tex shell pants. The majority of Gore-Tex pants are similar to this, in the fact that they are very waterproof, breathable and are shells (no insulation) which give you the most options for all weather conditions. If the weather is getting cold, the regular fit of the pants mean that…

Analog Remer Slouch Pants

The Analog Remer Slouch Pants are on the more affordable end, designed with a simple street style. They have a 10k waterproof rating and a 5k breathability rating.

Oakley Blackhawk Biozone Pants

The Oakley Blackhawk Biozone Pants are very waterproof, high end snowboarding pants. They are made of the Hydrogauge 20 Laminate, which gives them a waterproof rating of 20k, with a breathability rating of 15k. The 20k/15k combination is tons, so you are going to be staying dry while you are wearing these. The pants also have fully taped seams, so no…

Saga Fatigue 2L Pants

The Saga Fatigue 2L pants are 15k/15k slimmish pants. Features in the Saga Fatigue 2l Pants: Saga-tek Comfort dri 2L laminate 15k waterproof rating 15k breathability rating 100% seam sealed Twill shell Inseam vents Sizes available: S M L XL XXL They have a pretty high waterproof rating, which keeps the snow out but still lets the material breath. Saga class…

Volcom Carbon Pants

Volcom Carbon 2015 snowboarding pants review The Volcom Carbon pants are some affordable, clean styled snowboarding pants. They have a 8k waterproof rating, with a 3k breathability rating which is not super high, but will get the job done. They come in a few simple colors, and have a relaxed fit, which is not super skinny or baggy. Features of the…

Saga Anomie 2L Pants

Get some solid technical pants with the classic Saga style. High end material on the Saga Anomie 2L Pants means you have 15k waterproof, with 10k breathability. They have fully taped seams, so there isn’t going to be be any moisture getting in through the seams to ruin your day. Style The Anomie 2L pants are like most of the Saga…

Billabong Neon Collection Cab Pants

The Billabong Neon Collection Cab Pants are an all mountain, insulated pair of snowboarding pants. Features in the Billabond Neon Collection Cab Pants (and what they mean): Twill fabric 40g zonal synthetic insulation – it has insulation in the most important parts, and none where it doesn’t need it. 10k waterproof rating / 10k breathability rating – solid ratings which basically…

Volcom L Gore-Tex Pants

The Volcom L Gore-Tex are some high end waterproof pants. Gore-Tex material, taped seams, water repellent zips and zip tech mean it has almost everything you can get on some pants to keep water out. Features in the Volcom L Gore-Text pants (and what it means): Gore-Tex fabric – High end, waterproof and breathable material Fully Taped Seams – All…

Burton AK 2L Swash Pants

The Burton AK 2L Swash Pants are made from 2 Layer Gore-Tex, that are very waterproof and breathable. Made for serious riders, who need the highest levels of waterproofing and breathability, you pay a lot for these but you get some high end pants for your money.

Burton Hellbrook Pants

The Burton Hellbrook Pants are some more stylish pants that have some pretty good features. A solid (15k) waterproof rating, plenty of vents and big pockets. They have the Slouch fit, which has a bit more sag to get a more street style.