Quiksilver Beater Pants Review

I bought these pants after seeing a photo of someone wearing the whole retro 90’s looking set – the Beater pants and the Dome jacket. The pants have a higher waterproof rating of 15k compared to the 10k of the jacket, but I think that it more important the pants have the higher rating – I am going to spend more time sitting on a wet and icy chair than I would getting snow on the jacket.

The 15k rating seemed to be all that I needed for the majority of riding at Big White in BC Canada, though the snow is normally quite dry there, so it isn’t the hardest test for any outerwear. Even when it was snowing hard, the snow never seemed to want to stick or sit on the nylon, it always just slid or blew off.

It has a nice slightly baggy fit, with plenty or room to move around, as well as add layers underneath if it got cold. I weight 70kg or 155lbs, and am 6 foot /183cm tall and the large was a good size for me.

I liked that the pants have the quick and easy belt, that is a lot nicer to adjust than the regular velcro straps that most pants have. It just takes a little click to lock or unlock it, and I could easily tighten it while I was wearing my mitts.

Features of the Quiksilver Beater Pants:

Quiksilver DryFlight

15k Waterproof Rating
A decent waterproof rating, that kept me dry in all the conditions that I wore the pants in, though it was never on super wet or rainy days.

10k Breathability Rating
A slightly lower breathability rating that the waterproof, but I never felt like the pants were getting hot and stuffy, even if we were out hiking a feature on a warm day.


Regular Fit
A good amount baggy style, easy to fit as many layers underneath as you would need, without looking too gangsta.

quiksilver beater pants

They are plain shell pants, no insulation or warmth added, so if you are riding in cold conditions you will want to add a layer underneath.

Critically Taped Seams
The main (critical) seams of the pants are sealed. That means that a waterproof tape is used between the seams of the different sections of material, which stops water getting in through the tiny holes the sewing machine leaves when the pants are being made.

quiksilver logo

Jacket-To-Pant Attachment System
Just a few loops that let you connect your jacket to the pants.

Removable Printed Belt
This is one of the most useful features on the pants, which I liked a lot more than the normal velcro tabs used on the inside of most pants. It is a simple belt, with a quick connecting plastic buckle that makes it easy to tighten the pants, even if you are wearing mitts of big gloves.

quiksilver beater belt

Mesh Lined Venting
The same that you would find on most pants, on hot days you can unzip the vents on the inner thighs to cool down, and the mesh lining stops chunks of snow getting inside your pants and into your boots.

quiksilver beater leg vents

Elasticized Bottom Hem
The elastic on the bottom hem gives them a more “trackpant” look.

quiksilver beater cuffs

Taffeta Boot Gaiter

Cuff Saver System
Inside both of the front pockets, there are some little things you can grab and pull up to raise the cuffs, so that you don’t walk on them and wear them out in the parking lot, though with the elastic on the cuffs, they don’t make it past your boots anyway, so it isn’t that useful.

quiksilver beater cuff savers

Sizes available:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

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