Volcom Roan Bib Overall

The Volcom Roan Bibs are comfortable, useful bib pants, with a solid waterproof and breathability rating. I have owned these for a couple of years, and wore these in all kinds of conditions in Australia, Canada and Japan. Even on wet and almost rainy days in Australia, the waterproofing held up and I still stayed dry. Although at the time I never had a Volcom jacket that could zip to the bibs and connect them, the extra height from the bib compared to pants helps a ton on a powder day.

Features of the Volcom Roan Bib Overall

15k Waterproof Rating
A decent waterproofing rating, that kept me dry in all the conditions I rode in.

15k Breathability Rating
Even when out hiking in warm weather, the bib seemed to breath well, so I never felt like it got too hot or stuffy.

Modern Relaxed Fit
Not really skinny, not really baggy, but with enough room to wear extra layers underneath if you needed. I am 6 foot tall, about 155lbs, and I wear the medium Roan Bib, where in most brands I wear a large.

Zip Tech Pant to Jacket Interface
If you have a Volcom jacket, you can zip the jacket to the pants, to make a tight snow proof seal.

Neoprene Jersey at Side Waists
A stretchy section on the side.

Adjustable Elastic Suspenders
The only time that I ran into an issue with the suspenders was if I was wearing a down insulator as a mid layer, the almost shiny outside material made the suspenders want to slide off of my shoulders when riding, though that could be solved by wearing the mid layer over the bib.

Mesh Lined Zippered Vents
Vents between your legs can get rid of the heat fast if you are warming up too quickly.

Stone Butt Patch

Triple Reinforced Rise

Brushed Tricot Lined Handwarmer Pockets
Just a fancy name for the soft fleece material in the front pockets.

Boot Gaiter with Lace Hook
Nothing special about this, just a regular gaiter inside the leg of the pants with a little hook to connect it to your laces on your boots so the pants can’t ride up.

Black-Flax Reinforced Back Hem

Specialty Ticket Ring
Just a hook to keep your pass or ticket.

Chest Pocket
Quite a decent size pocket up on the chest. I liked this one because it was big enough to keep a phone or camera inside, and I found that it stayed a lot warmer than the regular pockets on the bib, which helped get a bit more out of the battery life.

Back Pockets

If you haven’t worn a bib before, there are a few advantages. They give you extra protection from the snow because they go so much higher then regular pants, and there is no chance of them falling down as the suspenders hold them up. Although they aren’t for everyone, the last few years every brand has been bringing out more and more options. You’ll see how good they are once you have one good crash in them, and notice that snow hasn’t gotten in your pants.


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