What are canted footbeds?

Canting is a way to help make your bindings more comfortable by slightly adjusting the angle that your feet sit in the bindings.

If you are someone who gets sore knees or ankles, they might be something that is worth having a look at.

The wider your stance on your snowboard, the more your ankles and knees are out of alignment. Canted footbeds help this problem by returning your feet to a more natural angle.

They generally offer a angle increase from 1.5 to 4 degrees.

Below is a diagram that shows standard bindings, with no canting.

no canting

Below is an exaggerated diagram of how canted footbeds align your ankles and legs to a more natural position. This allows you to more comfortably ride with a wider stance, and helps with ollie power.

canted footbeds

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