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Salomon Assassin Review

The Salomon Assassin is made to be a mix between a freestyle and a powder snowboard. A good idea for someone who wants to be able to ride in the park, and take the same board out when the snow is deep.

Features of the Salomon Assassin 2020

  • True Twin
    A twin shape means that there is on difference no matter which way you ride the Assassin. The Shape, flex and core profiling are all symmetrical.
  • Rock Out Camber Profile
    The flat section of the board between your bindings is made to keep the board stable, while the camber section under your feet give keep the board responsive, and add to the edge hold, while the rocker on the nose and tail make it easier to press, and give it a bit more forgiveness.
    salomon rock out camber profile
  • EQ Rad Sidecut
    This is a combination sidecut which is made up of a straight section (in the middle of the board) which then blends into a radial shape, which is designed to get a good mix between “fun and agility”, which means it is going to turn easily, but still be quick and solid when you are turning quickly, swapping edges.
  • Medium Flex
    Right in the middle, you can press it without too much effort, but it still has enough strength that it will hold up for bigger jumps.
  • Regular Width
    Depending on the size, the waist width of the board is 247mm to 253mm. If you have larger boots, size 11 or above, have a look a the wide versions, which will help reduce and toe or heel drag you might get while turning.
  • BiaxGlass Fiberglass
  • Sintered EG Base
    The sintered base material is hard and fast, which soaks up wax well, and keeps you moving fast.
  • Popster Eco Booster
    The core of the board has carbon stringers that extend out from under your feet to the tip and tail of the board, as well as bamboo rode to get some extra pop.
  • ABC Green Roll
  • Aspen SLCT
  • Royal Cork Rails
    These help to absorb impact from drop/jumps/rails as well as help to get rid of chatter (vibrations) that you get from riding at high speeds.
  • Freestyle Edge Bevel
    The tip and tail of the board are already detuned, and there is a 2 degree base edge through the board, which changes into a 3 degree angle between your feet. The idea is that the board will still give you good edge hold on ice and hardpacked snow, while the 3 degree section between your feet will still let you ride rails without having to give it a big detune to stop it catching on rails.

Sizes Available:

  • 150cm
  • 153cm
  • 155cm
  • 158cm
  • 157cm Wide
  • 160cm Wide

How it Rides

Board size: 155cm

Boots: ThirtyTwo TM-TWO

Bindings: Burton Cartel set with a 22.5″ stance width, at +15 and -9.

Camber Profile

The Rock Out Camber profile is one that I really like, because I have spent so much time riding it on my Salomon Villain. It is a mix between flat, camber and rocker.

Flex and Pop

One thing that I noticed (and really liked) was the flex that the board had. Although it is hard to describe, it had a very smooth flex, with no major points in the flex that the board that kick or snap back sharply. Loading up the tail for an ollie or nollie was very smooth, it has one of the nicest flex feelings I have ridden.

It is a medium flex rating, so the pop you can get from the board is decent, it doesn’t need much work to get a solid ollie from it. Pressing the board is quite easy, it flexes nicely it isn’t hard to balance on the rockered section of the nose or tail.

Edge Hold

I had no problems with the edge hold of the Assassin, even at high speed it felt solid throughout the whole turn. To be fair though, there was plenty of fresh snow around, and even the groomers were fairly soft, so it might be a different situation if the snow was really hardpacked. I am guessing here, but my Villain (which has the same profile and sidecut) does fine on hardpacked snow, and it has a slightly softer flex rating, so the Assassin should be fine.


It has pretty easy to ride fast on the Assassin, the base felt nice and fast on the cold dry snow. Swapping edges was fine at high speed, and even riding with a flat base the board didn’t feel catchy.


Overall the Assassin was a nice board. Surprisingly for a twin board, it does do quite well in powder, it cruises very smoothly through it, where I was expecting it to be a bit more work.

It is one of those boards that is definitely going to suit someone who wants one board to ride everywhere, which suits my style of riding. In general I will ride a twin park board everywhere, unless there has been a ton of snow, then I will bother changing to a powder board.

Overall the fast base, nice camber profile and smooth flex make it something that I would definitely consider buying. It also comes in another version, called the Classicks, which has a an upgraded base material, different core, with more pop and less swing weight.

Size (cm) 150 153 155 158 157 Wide 160 Wide
Waist Width (cm) 24.7 24.9 25.1 25.3 26.1 26.2
Min / Max Stance (cm) 47.4 / 58.6 48.4 / 59.6 49.4 / 60.6 50.4 / 61.6 50.4 / 61.6 51.4 / 62.6
Tail / Tip Width (cm) 29.2 29.4 29.6 29.8 30.5 30.6
Effective Edge (cm) 113 115 117 119 118 121

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