Yes 420 Powderhull

Yes 420 Powderhull Review

The Yes 420 Powderhull is a slightly thinner and stretched out version of the super fat and wide 420, with a very unique concave base shape in the nose and tail.

How it Rides

*In this video I was riding an older Powderhull, that had a flat to rocker profile, rather than the newer cambered profile.

Board size: 154cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa 27.5

Bindings: Salomon Highlander

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 155lbs – or 183cm tall and 70kg.

I was riding this board at Big White in BC Canada, on a day with plenty of fresh snow. Especially in the trees, there was enough fresh snow that could easily cause problems if you weren’t on the right board, or didn’t plan your line well enough.

yes powderhull lift

Camber Profile

For a medium stiff flexing board, that is mainly flat between the feet, it feels fine. Flat boards never feel very lively, but it still wasn’t dull. I can only imagine that the newer versions with camber between the feet would be a good upgrade from this version.

Flex and Pop

It has a solid overall flex, that pushed back nicely for an ollie. Landing tail heavy in the deeper snow felt nice, there was plenty of stiffness to keep the board feeling solid and stable.

On groomed runs it did feel a little bit weird if your weight wasn’t centered, as the nose and tail had an odd flex pattern when the weight was heavy on the nose or tail on one edge. I guess that the concave section is what is contributing to the different feel.

yes powderhull air

Edge Hold

Because I was riding this on such a nice powder day, even the packed groomers weren’t much of a test of edge hold, so it seemed to do everything fine. I wouldn’t place too much importance on the edge hold in general though, as I wouldn’t be choosing to ride this board unless the snow was fresh.

yes powderhull follow


Turning in powder was very smooth and still had a surfy feel, especially if you lean back (though that was never really needed).


This is the area that the Powderhull is designed to do well – which it really does. I try to understand how it is working, but basically it feels like the board is always trying really really hard to get up and on top of the snow. Although I have ridden plenty of wide powder boards, nothing has really come close or given such a unique feeling of being pushed up and on top of the snow like this board does.

Rather than a plowing and sometimes gliding feel in deep snow that you get on most boards, this somehow feels like I am being pulled up on the top of the snow.

yes powderhull powder 2


This could be just in my head, but it might have felt the tiniest bit slower when I was in deep snow, though that feeling was almost cancelled out by being forced on top of the snow, so even if it was, it felt like I was able to get further in deeper snow with less effort.

Once terrain got steep, it seemed to hit a point where the board almost felt like it was released, and then just floated with almost zero effort.

yes powderhull powder


I barely rode this switch, and I rarely do in powder anyway so I can’t really comment too much.


Overall the Powderhull would probably be my top choice as a dedicated powder board. The amount of float it gives is crazy, it is still very easy to move around in tight trees.

Although it gets better once you do get some good speed going, it is one of the best boards I have ridden when you are going through flat spots, or having to traverse in fresh snow. I was consistently able to get much further out than I expected, and could push runs further than normal while still making it back to the cat track without struggling.

It is an expensive board, and the shape is quite unique – but it definitely works.

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Features of the Yes 420 Powderhull

3D Powder Hull

This is the most unique feature of this board, and that is the reverse spoon shape that is on the nose and tail. While other brands like Jones and Bataleon have a spoon shape on the nose and tail, this is reversed, which makes an almost hollow shape to catch snow.

yes powderhull base

Weightless Core

This is the core that is used on the 420, 20/20 and the Powderhull. It has a mix of poplar and paulownia, made to get a balance between strength and weight.

Triax Fiberglass

Three directions of fiberglass, which help add some torsional stiffness to the board.

7/10 Flex

Powderhull Camber Profile

Separate from the unique concave sections on the nose and tail, the profile has camber between the feet (not on the model I rode), then rocker on the nose and tail.

Sintered True

An actual sintered base, which means that it is good at absorbing wax and will ride fast. The reason that they have to add “True” to the name, is that they also have an option called “Sintered Spec” which isn’t an actual sintered base, just marketing made to sound better than it is.

Lifetime Warranty

Sizes available:

  • 154cm

Yes 420 Powderhull 2022 Technical Specs

LengthEffective Edge (mm)Setback (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Taper (mm)Weight Range (kg)Weight Range (lbs)

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