What is a park snowboard?

Although you can ride any snowboard in the park, there are a few things that make a really good park board.

They normally have a few things in common with Jib boards, parkboards usually have these features:

Park Snowboards generally have a Twin shape

The twin shape means that it has an equal sidecut, so that the board will turn and have the same feel whether you are riding it in your regular direction or switch.

Medium flex

Boards with a medium flex are the most common for park riding, so that they are soft enough that you can still press them out on boxes and rails, but they still have enough strength to handle landings on big jumps.

Camber or hybrid camber shape

This one is a bit more on the personal preference side, but camber boards are much better for jumps than reverse camber boards. They hold a better edge, give you more pop and make it easier to stop your rotations on landings.

Just have a look at some of the footage from an X-games slopestyle contest or the olympics. Almost all of the riders use camber with a few of them riding hybrid camber.

What are some good park boards?

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