How long do snowboard bindings last?

With just the smallest amount of regular maintenance, snowboard bindings can last you for years.

I have personally put in over 300 days of riding with my Union Danny Kass bindings, and only had to replace one toe ladder that snapped.  They look old, the paint is chipped off and the material used on the highback is worn, but cosmetic details don’t bother me as long as they function properly.

My winter job is working in a repair shop, so every day I will have to repair lots of snowboard bindings. The majority of problems could be avoided if people just gave the bindings a quick look every few days of riding.

If you have a snowboard tool, quickly check that none of the screws have worked themselves loose.

One of the weaknesses that are common on all Burton bindings are the little screws that the highback pivots from.

burton highback screw

This screw, which is connected with a little plastic washer and T-nut, has a bad habit of working itself loose, especially on your back foot when the highback is kicked down every time you go on a lift. When I owned Burton Customs and Burton Missions, as long as I checked this screw once a week, I wouldn’t have any problems.

Basically, check all the areas highlighted in red (as well as the two little screws that you can only see when the straps are open, and the ratchet lever is lifter up) as often as you can, on both sides of the bindings. It will save you spending money and wasting time getting easy little things repaired.

burton screws to tighted



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    • I had a quick look and couldn’t find anyone selling them online, but any repair shop at the mountain should have some, they are very common.