Dragon RVX

The Dragon RVX are another option in the frameless cylindrical goggles that Dragon have. They are OTG, which means that they are designed to fit Over-The-Glasses, if you wear them.

The main features of the RVX are: medium fitting, with a wide field of view, and a spare low light lens that has the quick change system.

I have the original versions of these goggles, they have since had a few small changes.

The newer version is called the RVX MAG OTG, and they have added magnets on the non-swiftlock side, to align the lens before you click it in.

dragon rvx lenses

Features of the Dragon RVX

Lumalens Colour Optimised Lens

Lumalens changes the light that comes through the goggles, with goal being to increase the contrast, change the colours, with the end goal making everything clear and easy for your eyes.

dragon rvx lumalens

Swiftlock 2.0 Lens Change System

A quick and easy way to swap between the sunny and low light lens.

dragon rvx swiftlock

Patented Frameless Technology

Premium Injected Cyclindrical Lens

Injected lenses are the more expensive way to produce cylindrical lenses, that give minimal distortion.

Super Anti-Fog Coating

Coating on the inside of the lens to help prevent fogging.

Armoured Venting

A feature that is on a lot of Dragon goggles, but isn’t a common feature on other brands.

dragon rvx armoured venting

100% UV Protection

dragon rvx logo

Triple Layer Face Foam with Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece

How the Dragon RVX fit

For me, the RVX have a very comfortable fit. I wouldn’t say that I have a big head, I would normally wear small to medium sized helmets.

Even with that in mind, I do like the look of bigger goggles, which is why I also have the Dragon PXV – quite big goggles. They are all comfortable on my face, never moving, and the field of vision can’t be beaten.

Asian Fit

The Dragon RVX also come in a Low Bridge/asian fit option, which has more foam around the nose bridge.

Changing lenses

With each new goggle that they bring out, the lens change system improves each time. Compared to the double lever style on the older NFX2s, this version is much quicker and easier.

Once you get the hang of the lens system on the RVX, it is very quick. Align the non lock side of the goggles in with their little teeth, then press the other side of the lens to lock the whole thing in place.

As far as I can tell the version that I have (RVX) had been superseded with the (RVX MAG OTG), with magnets doing the positioning and aligning of the teeth. Just a slightly quicker option.

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