Dragon PXV

Along the lines of the very popular NFX2s, the Dragon PXV is a larger fitting cylindrical goggle, with a very wide field of view.

Features of the Dragon PXV

Frameless Design

Injection Moulded Panotech Lens

dragon pxv extra lens

Injection moulding is the higher end way to make cylindrical lenses, that reduces the distortion.

Super Anti-Fog Treatment


Dragon’s color optimizing lenses help to get more clarity and contrast from the snow, so that you can see details better, even in grey and flat light conditions.

dragon pxv lumalens

Armoured Venting

Plastic venting on the top of the goggles make it easy to clear snow away, and is much tougher than the thin foam that some other brands use.

dragon pxv armoured vents

100% UV Protection

Triple Foam with Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining

dragon pxv triple foam

Silicone Strap Backing

Three strips of silicon that run around the inside of the strap, which stops it sliding up or down if you wear it over a helmet, and holds it tight against your beanie if you don’t wear a helmet.

dragon pxv straps

Helmet Compatible

Almost all goggles fit well with helmets these days, but even with the bigger size, the PXV fits nicely against a helmet.

Large Fit

These do suit riders with a bigger face, although I don’t, they are still comfortable.

Dragon PXV Review

I own both the NFX2 and the PVX, and Dragon goggles fit my face quite well. Although there is nothing wrong with the NFX2s, as soon as I tried on the PVX, I could immediately see how handy extra wide field of view is. Although a bit bigger, and wrapping around my face more than the smaller NFX2s, they feel more comfortable.

Changing Lenses

Changing lenses on the PXV is not as quick comparing it to goggles with Swiftlock, like the NFX2, but it still isn’t that hard. The lenses peel off from one side, and when you put the new one on you just have to get the pattern right, to make sure they clip in properly. It takes a while the first couple of times, but once you get the pattern it’s no problem. The order is pretty much working from the bottom near the nose, then the top, then out towards the sides.


If you try, I’m sure you can fog any goggle up, but I haven’t had a problem with fogging at all. Even wearing a helmet that fits quite snuggly against the top vent, there is obviously still enough airflow to keep the fog away.

Asian Fit

There are also some Low Bridge/Asian Fit versions of the PXV, which have more foam on the nose bridge, but are otherwise the same goggle.


  • Very comfortable
  • Huge field of vision


  • Not as quick to change lenses as the NFX2


If you like the look of cylindrical googles, then the PXV are a good choice. They are very comfortable, have a huge range of vision, and they all come with a main lens and a low light option. If you have a smaller face, the NFX2 might be a better choice, which also has the added plus of being able to swap the lenses a bit quicker and easier.

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