Extend the life of your binding ratchets

If there is one part of your bindings that gets a lot of use, and is kept under constant pressure, it is your ratchets.

Whatever direction you ride, whether it is regular or goofy, you will undo your back foot a lot more than your front foot. If you add up every lap you do, every season, your back ratchets get quite the workout compared to the front.

An easy way to try and even out the wear, is to occasionally (maybe once a month, or once a season) swap the ratchets from your back binding to your front.

With a phillips head screwdriver, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes, and has the same process for almost every brand of binding out there.

On this pair of Unions, the screws are showing all the time, though on some brands you may have to lift the ratchet up to expose the screw.

ankle strap ratchet on

toe strap ratchet on

Close up of the ratchet on the toe strap.

ratchet close up

toe strap ratchet

When you have taken the screw out of both ratchets, they will still be held in loosely by the tooth, slide them off to release the ratchet.

ankle strap no ratchet

toe strap no ratchet

Almost every pair of bindings will have a setup similar to the pictures above, with 1 hole to fit in the tooth of the ratchet, and one for the screw.

Just remove all of your ratchets, and swap them to the other side so they wear evenly.

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