ThirtyTwo Lashed

The ThirtyTwo Lashed are the best selling snowboarding boot in the world, for a few good reasons.

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Features of the ThirtyTwo Lashed Boots

  • Team Fit
  • Intuition Heat Moldable Liners
    The liner can be heat molded, which gives it a custom fit made for your foot.
  • Dual Density Intuition Foam
  • Intuition J-Bars for Heel Hold
    You can adjust the amount of heel hold the boots give you.
  • Customizable Heel Hold Pockets
  • Neoprene Toe Cap
  • Power Strap Closure
    A velcro strap that closes the inner of the boot around your shin.
  • Traditional Lacing
    Original, old school laces. You can easily tighten or loosen specific areas of the boot with normal laces, but they take a little longer to do up.
  • Level 2 Footbed
  • Medium Flex
    A mid range flex, that works well for someone who is going to ride all over the mountain, in any conditions. A medium flex rating means that you can still press, tweak and move the book around without being super restricted, but it still has enough support to handle fast riding.
  • Articulated Cuff
    The articulated cuff is is a fancy way to say the boot is made to flex (when you bend your knees) in a way that doesn’t squash the shell of the boot out.
  • 1:1 Lasting
  • Performance Backstay
  • Independent Eyestay
  • Internal Lacing System
  • STI Evolution Foam Outsole
  • 3D Molded Tongue
    The 3d tongue is designed to give you an even flex through the whole tongue.

The Lashed are a very popular boot, because they have an affordable price, a nice medium flex and are suitable for all skill levels of riders.

The current season models retail for $240, but if you are looking to save some money you can get old season models for around $140.

As well as the regular (traditional) lace versions, there are the FT, which is the Fast Track or speed lacing system version of the Lashed. If you like the sound of the boot, but don’t like normal laces they would be worth having a look at.

Seeing that they come in so many different colors, it can be hard to find the right color and the right size, especially if it is a Pro model Lashed. The easiest way to find a specific one is through this search.


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2017 Lashed Colors

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thirtytwo lashed boots black
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thirtytwo lashed boots blue
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thirtytwo lashed boots neon

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thirtytwo lashed boots tie dye
Tie Dye
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thirtytwo lashed boots bradshaw
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thirtytwo lashed boots alito
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thirtytwo lashed boots crab grab
Crab Grab
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thirtytwo lashed boots change the tape
Change The Tape



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5 4 37 23.0
5.5 4.5 37.5 23.5
6 5 38 24.0
6.5 5.5 38.5 24.5
7 6 39 25.0
7.5 6.5 40 25.5
8 7 41 26.0
8.5 7.5 41.5 26.5
9 8 42 27.0
9.5 8.5 42.5 27.5
10 9 43 28.0
10.5 9.5 44 28.5
11 10 45 29.0
11.5 10.5 45.5 29.5
12 11 46 30.0
13 12 47 31.0
14 13 48 32.5
15 14 49 33.0



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