Best Flat Park Snowboards



Well obviously, there is no best flat snowboard, but there are a few good ones that might suit your riding.

If you are here you have probably heard about the benefits of a flat or zero camber board, especially for riding in the park.

Overall, they sit right in the middle between full camber and full rocker boards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Camber Boards

With an traditional camber board, you get great pop, great edge hold and plenty of stability at speed. On the downside, they are not forgiving to a beginner rider,if you don’t keep your focus it is easy to catch a edge,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rocker Boards

Rocker boards are the complete opposite of camber boards. The contact points are kept up and out of the snow, which makes for a few advantages. The raised contact points means that is is much harder to catch an edge, which is great for beginners. They are easy to turn, and have a loose and playful feeling while riding.

On the downside, they don’t have as much pop, edge hold and won’t be as stable at high speeds as camber boards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat or Zero Camber Boards

In the middle you have Flat boards, that end up doing everything alright, with no super standout features or drawbacks.

Flat boards can have a decent amount of pop, good edge hold but still have a bit of forgiveness and playfulness.

For park riders this can be the perfect combination. Sure, if you only go big on XL jumps then camber would be best, or if you only hike rails then a rocker is going to suit, but if you want to do everything, and be able to ride all over the mountain a flat board will do a good job.

They are going to be stable enough at high speeds for jumps, and still have a good edge hold to land after spins, and still have enough flex to press on rails and help you not eat it if you come off a rail early.

nitro 2015 t1 snowboard
Nitro T1

The Nitro T1 is a twin, medium flexing Zero Camber board. If you want to ride a lot of park, but still just use one board everywhere, this is a good choice.

burton name dropper snowboard 2016
Burton Name Dropper

The Name Dropper is an asymmetric twin board, with the Flat Top profile. A medium soft flex, but make sure that your bindings will work with The Channel.

salomon salomonder snowboard 2016
Salomon Salomonder

The Salomonder is the best on this list for rails, mainly because of its super soft flex rating. At a 2/10, it is going to be very easy to press and move around. It has the Super Flat profile.

stepchild dirtbag snowboard 2016
Stepchild Dirtbag

The Dirtbag is a flat, twin park board, with a medium soft flex rating. One of the best features is the asymmetrical shape, so it has a more natural feel for your heelside turns.

slash spectrum snowboard 2016
Slash Spectrum

Zero camber, medium flex, twin shaped board.

capita outdoor living snowboard 2016
Capita Outdoor Living

Mid flexing, Zero Camber, True Twin park board.

You can use this search page to find out what stores have the board you want in stock, and if it is on sale anywhere.

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