What are Asian Fit/Low Bridge Snow Goggles

Getting goggles that fit your face well is just as important as choosing the right lens for the weather conditions you are riding in.

What are asian fit or low bridge goggles?

They go by a few names now, including Asian Fit, Low Bridge, Universal and Alternate Fit.

One of the key factors in properly fitting ski and snowboard goggles is having a nice seal from the goggles to your face.

Low bridge goggles suit faces that have a lower nose bridge, with higher cheekbones.

Asian Fit and Low Bridge goggles have extra foam around the nose of the googgle, so that there is still a nice seal on your nose, rather than the gap you might get on regular goggles.

Other than the extra layer of foam on the lower nose section of the goggle, everything else on the goggles are the same. Because it is only the foam that changes, they stay the same price as the standard models.

As for lenses, buying replacements is just the same as regular models, there aren’t any special versions that are needed.

Although not all brands make low bridge goggles, most of the big brands do.

Getting the right fit

Because there are so many different face shapes, not all brands will fit the same. Below is a simple rundown of what you can expect from brands, in a very general sense.


Oakley don’t have a separate line of Low Bridge goggles, but what they do is quite smart. All of their goggles are made in what is called Universal Fit, which basically means that everyone gets more foam on the nose bridge. This does simplify it quite a bit, and for people who don’t need the extra foam, it just squashes away and you won’t even notice it.

I would say that the extra foam here is around about 80% of what it is on other brands Low Bridge models. While it does cover a large range of faces, if you have a very low nose bridge, it might be worth looking at one of the other brands to get a better fit/seal.


Dragon do have quite a few Low Bridge (or LB in their naming) models, in their popular models – NFX, RVX, PXV, PXV2, NFX2, R1, DX3 and Lil D.

Although these Low Bridge models have plenty of foam, there are a few models to keep an eye on. The PVX and PXV2 have a very wide field of vision, which is great for riding, but it does mean that the goggle wraps quite a way around your head.

If you have a wider face, they are going to be tough to get a good fit.


Anon are probably the safest option for getting a good fit, with plenty of extra foam, though they are going to be on the expensive end. They do have some of their cheaper models in Low Bridge, but the majority are in their more expensive, magnetic lens options.

Compared to their regular models, the Low Bridge Anon goggles have an extra 5-7mm of foam at the nose of the goggle.

As for their naming in their models, the M stands for magnetic, the number is the model/series, S is for small, and W is for womens. In reality men and women could wear any of these models, there aren’t huge changes between them.

Buy Anon goggles from Burton

Anon M4 Low Bridge $399.95

This would probably be their top model, which comes in two lens versions – Toric and Cylindrical. They are expensive because they come with two magnetic lenses, and a magnetic facemask. This is a larger goggle, so it will suit people with bigger faces.

Anon M4s Low Bridge

The M4 is a popular model, so the S version (small) is just made to suit smaller faces. The M4s still comes in the two lens styles, Toric and Cylindrical.

Anon M5 Low Bridge

A flat toric lens, that comes with a second low light lens and magnetic facemask.

Anon M5s Low Bridge $299.95

A smaller fit of the M5.

WM3 $279.95

A womens fit, cylindrical magnetic lens goggle.

WM1 $279.95

A womens fit, spherical lens goggle.

M3 $279.95

Mens fit, cylindrical goggle with facemask.

Sync $199.95

A cylindrical model, that still uses some magnets to swap the lenses, but not as easy or quite as the full on M models.

Cheaper models

Helix 2.0 Low Bridge $109.95

Simple, low profile cylindrical goggles that come with a second low light lens. These are OTG compatible, so if you need to wear glasses underneath your goggles, you will have a decent chance of them fitting with this model.

Nesa $149.95

Cylindrical lens goggle with spare low light lens.

Kids Goggles

Anon Tracker 2.0 Low Bridge $59.95

Relapse Jr $109.95

Like all the winter season sports, stores have the biggest range just before and during winter, and although products go on sale towards the end of the season and into spring and summer, the range is much smaller.

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