Top 5 Camber Snowboards 2017



Maybe you grew up riding stiff camber boards, or you just want to upgrade to a camber board – either way they are getting harder and harder to find, with less brands having a plain camber model in their lineups anymore. (Though there are plenty of hybrids around, which have an overall camber profile to them) Which I can understand, regular camber isn’t as easy to ride, they are going to scare off beginners and some intermediate riders.

But, if you know how to ride them, and are prepared to put in the work, they will reward you with a much better ride than any other hybrid or combination camber board.

1. Burton Custom X

burton custom x snowboard 2017

One of the classics, the Custom X is well known for being a very aggressive camber board, that can handle huge jumps, icy half pipes and very fast riding.

2. Capita Supernova

capita supernova snowboard 2017

The Supernova has a still 8/10 flex rating, traditional camber profile and a tough core.

3. Nitro Eero Ettala

nitro eero ettala snowboard 2017

A very fun but simple feeling freestyle board, that has a regular camber profile, fast base and a nice firm flex.

4. Arbor Steepwater

arbor steepwater snowboard 2016

A stiff flex, with traditional camber and the classic Arbor topsheet.

5. Salomon Ultimate Ride

salomon ultimate ride snowboard 2017

I didn’t know whether or not to include the Ultimate Ride in this list, even though it definitely is a camber board, there is a small reverse camber section on the tip and tail, so it isn’t a completely traditional camber design. Though even with that, it rides just like a camber board.

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