Top 10 Short Fat Powder Snowboards



Getting much more popular in the last couple of years are short and fat powder boards. In general, classic powder boards were pretty long in length, and had a big wide nose to keep you afloat in deep snow.

Although that style of board definitely hasn’t gone away, there are a lot of brands that have shorter length boards with a really wide width.

The basic idea of most of these boards is that the shorter length, combined with the wide width still gives you the same surface area as a long powder board, so you still get good float.

They have a few advantages, but the biggest is the short length. Short boards are very easy and quick to turn, which is especially good if you are riding in deep snow through tight trees.

yes 20 20 snowboard 2017

Yes 20 20

nitro quiver pow snowboard 2017

Nitro Quiver Pow

lib tech woodsmith snowboard 2017

Lib Tech Woodsmith Coho

lib tech short fat tt snowboard 2017

Lib Tech Short Fat TT








2 comments for “Top 10 Short Fat Powder Snowboards

  1. Mark J. Halvorsen
    May 5, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    Where does the WarPig rank on this list? I’m on the fence between that and a slush. I know Crapitas are terribly made and have seen a few new slushes delamming but it’s just so cool looking and inexpensive I might get one. Maybe a used warpig might be the answer too.

    • Lachlan
      May 6, 2017 at 11:29 am

      I’ve had a couple of capitas (Horrorscope and the Slush Slasher) and I haven’t had any problem, with either, but I might have just been lucky. Ahh the Warpig is so good, I loved riding it but haven’t had a chance to see how it does in deep snow yet.

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