Top 10 Aggressive Camber Snowboards



It can be pretty tough to find a stiff and agressive snowboard now, with the majority of snowboards being mid flexing hybrid camber boards. They can be a pain to find in real snowboard stores, as they are getting to the point where they are a bit too much for the average customer.

In general, these boards are going to have many of the same features:

Regular camber – or a hybrid camber that is very similar to regular camber. For anyone who learnt to snowboard when there was only camber boards around, there is just nothing like the feeling of a regular camber board. They are strong, very stable at high speeds and have tons of pop.

Stiff flex – a combination of the regular camber profile, strong cores, Triax or Quad (3 or 4 layers) of fiberglass all combine to give the boards a stiff flex.

Sintered Base – the fastest bases, more common on higher end boards, and exactly the base you would want if you are going for a fast regular camber board.

1. Burton Custom X

burton custom x snowboard

Probably the most famous on this list, the Burton Custom X has been a popular board for park and pipe riders,

Regular camber, Stiff flex, Sintered base. Read more

2. DC Media Blitz

dc media blitz snowboard

Torstein Horgmo’s main board, the Media Blitz has regular camber, 9/10 flex and quad glass. The sort of board that can handle doing triples over monster jumps. Read more

3. Nitro Pantera SC

nitro pantera sc snowboard

Regular camber, 9/10 flex, directional shape with a 1 inch setback stance. Read more

4. Endeavor High5

endeavor high5 snowboard

Regular camber with raised contact points, 7/10 flex, sintered base. Read more

5. Capita NAS

capita nas snowboard

The NAS is what you will see Kazu Kokobo riding in the pipe, park and on big backcountry jumps. Regular camber, 7/10 flex – one of the cheaper high performing boards in this list. Read more

6. Salomon XLT

salomon xlt snowboard

Regular camber, directional stiff 8/10 flex, made for speed. Read more

7. DC Hellcity

dc hellcity snowboard 2015

Regular camber, 8/10 flex twin and centered park board. Read more

8. Lib Tech Darker Series

lib tech darker series snowboard

7.5/10 flex, with C3 BTX camber profile, that is majority camber with a small rocker section in between your feet. Read more

9. GNU Billy Goat

gnu billy goat snowboard

6.5-8/10 flex rating, twin shape for riding but a slightly longer nose after the contact points and a sintered base. Read more

10. Never Summer Chairman

never summer chairman snowboard

Directional, hybrid camber stiff flexing (8/10) snowboard. Goes up to really big sizes (173cm) Read more

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