Snowboarding gear from Keystone: the Movie



Halldor Helgason


Lobster Parkbaord Special Addition

Lobster ParkBoard┬áThe Artist Version (with the green base) has sold out nearly everywhere, so I just linked to the normal version – same board, different graphics.


nike lunavendor boots

Nike Lunavendor


switchback halldor pro model bindings

Switchback Halldor Pro model


nike kampai heritage jacket

Nike Kampai Heritage Jacket


nike budmo pants bamboo

Nike Budmo

nike ruskin black pants

Nike Ruskin

nike northrup hoodie

Nike Northrup Hoodie┬áThis isn’t the real Nike Team hoodie that Halldor and Ethan wear, but it’s close.

Ethan Morgan


bataleon airobic snowboard

Bataleon Airobic


switchback bindings 2014

Switchback bindings


nike ruskin black pants

Nike Ruskin

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