Stepchild FTW

Stepchild FTW 2016 Review The Stepchild FTW is a true twin, reverse camber all mountain board. It has the Blended Reverse Camber profile, which uses a few different radii to make a rocker profile that has less weaknesses, and ends up giving you a stable ride. Being a freestyle board, it is a True Twin, so if you are landing…

Stepchild Dirtbag

Stepchild Dirtbag Review 2015/2016 The Stepchild Dirtbag is a flat camber, asymmetrical medium-soft flexing twin snowboard.

Stepchild Mai Tai

Stepchild Mai Tai 2016 Review The Stepchild Mai Tai is a twin shaped, micro camber soft and fun park board. Stepchild rate it as having a flex rating of 4/10.