Rome National

Rome National 2020 Review The Rome National is an all mountain, ride everywhere mid flexing (almost) camber board.

Rome Mechanic

The Rome Mechanic is a new board for this season, which is made to be an affordable board that is easy to ride all over the mountain.

Rome Powder Division ST

The Rome Powder Division ST is the shortest and fattest of the 3 Powder Division boards. The ST stands for “swallow tail”, and is made to be super floaty, quick and easy to turn.

Rome Powder Division PT

The Rome Powder Division PT is one of the three Powder Division Boards, and is the longest of the 3. The PT stands for “pin tail”, and this model is made to handle fast speeds, while still being easy to turn.

Rome Powder Division MT

The Rome Powder Division MT is on of the three Rome Powder Division boards, with this one being in the middle of the lengths. The MT stands for “Moon Tail”, for the shape that is cut out of the tail.

Rome 390

The Rome 390 is a tough binding that is made to handle everything from park laps to heavy pow lines in the backcountry. They are light and strong, and have a middle of the range flex. Like a lot of bindings, they have the minimum area possible touching the board, to try and keep the true flex without the bindings…

Rome Targa

The Rome Targa are high end, adjustable and responsive bindings. This year they have a new chassis, highback and have the PivotMount added.

Rome Shift

The Rome Shift are a simple and affordable binding, that is made to ride the whole mountain. It has a fairly simple design, but that doesn’t mean that it is lacking on features. They have a medium flex, middle of the range which means you are going to be able to ride anywhere and not be restricted by your bindings.…

Rome Crossrocket

Rome Crossrocket 2017 The Rome Crossrocket is a all-mountain freestyle board, that is close to a twin shape, and has a 3d camber profile.

Rome Butterknife

The Rome Butterknife is a board made to handle all you jib riding, but still be good for riding everywhere else. One of the main features of this board is the NoHang-Ups profile. It is basically a long diamond shape on the bottom of the board, with everything else being slightly raised. This keeps the contact points out of the way,…

Rome Artifact Rocker

A popular choice for park riders and jibbers everywhere, the Rome Artifact rocker is ridden year after year by progressive jibbers. To make sure that you don’t miss out on any pop being a rocker board, they put in Hot Rods so that you can still ollie and nollie with good pop. One of the weaknesses of rocker boards is…

Rome Agent

Rome Agent 2017 The Rome Agent is a versatile, do it all freestyle board. It has a traditional camber profile, a poppy flex and an almost twin shape that means it rides well everywhere.

Rome Garage Rocker

The Rome Garage Rocker is a great entry level board for someone looking for and all-mountain/park board. It has a a True Twin shape, so there is the exact same feeling whether you are riding the board regular, or switch. The camber profile is called “FreePop”, which means the board has a large flat section, with rocker on the nose…