Ride Superpig

Ride Superpig Review 2020 A brand new board for the 19/20 season, the Superpig takes a whole bunch of features that the Warpig has, and makes it a whole lot beefier. While the Warpig was a very popular and very recognisable board, it’s flat to rocker profile definitely suited park and powder riding, and it was a bit more work…

Ride Warpig

The Ride Warpig is a new board for 2017, that comes in two sizes – small and large. It is made to be an easy carving, park board that floats in pow. It’s one of those boards that is popping up in edits all over the place.

Ride Burnout

Ride Burnout 2017 The Ride Burnout is a hybrid camber (mostly regular!), medium flexing hybrid camber board, that has won 4 Transworld Good Wood awards. This is the second year of the Burnout, which replaced the older Buck Up.

Ride EX

The Ride EX are some medium flexing bindings, that are good for all mountain riding, that aren’t crazy expensive.

Ride LX

The Ride LX is their entry level mens binding, that has a soft flex and a cheap price.

Ride Rodeo

The Ride Rodeo is a medium flexing freestyle binding, that sits in the middle of the price range. Not super stiff or super soft, the 4/10 flex will give you enough support for hard riding and landing big jumps,

Ride Alter Ego

The Ride Alter Ego is a directional split tail board, that has a lock (like a split board) that can lock or unlock the tail of the board depending on the style of riding you want.

Ride Helix

Ride Helix 2020 Review One of Ride’s stiffer freestyle boards, it’s asymmetrical shape and good set of features make it a fun board for riding everywhere. I really liked it, it was a very solid board.      

Ride El Hefe

Ride El Hefe 2017 The Ride El Hefe (spanish for The Boss) is the top of the line bindings. It has pretty much the best ingredients that Ride make in their bindings, which together give you a light, responsive and stiff flexing binding.

Ride Bezerker

The Ride Bezerker is a capable board made for riders who want a board that can shred through pow but still handle itself all over the mountain. It uses Ride’s Hybrid All Mountain profile, which is a combination of a large camber section with a rocker nose. This give you float in pow, but still keeps a large stable area…

Ride Kink

The Ride Kink is a soft flexing jib board, that now has a twin hybrid camber profile, for a bit more stability. Made for jibbing, it has a really soft flex (2/10) and the thicker Cleave Edge edges.