Ride Manic

Ride Manic 2017 The Ride Manic is an all mountain board, that is good for riders looking to buy their first board.

Ride Timeless

The Ride Timeless is a classic all terrain model, that has been brought back for the 2017 season. It has a mainly camber profile, with a bit of rocker for float on the nose of the board.

Ride Warpig

The Ride Warpig is a new board for 2017, that comes in two sizes – small and large. It is made to be an easy carving, park board that floats in pow. It’s one of those boards that is popping up in edits all over the place.

Ride Rapture

The Ride Rapture is a soft and easy to ride twin board, with a forgiving camber profile at an affordable price.

Ride Agenda

Ride Agenda 2016 The Ride Agenda is an entry level, easy to ride rocker board that doesn’t cost much.  

Ride Burnout

Ride Burnout 2017 The Ride Burnout is a hybrid camber (mostly regular!), medium flexing hybrid camber board, that has won 4 Transworld Good Wood awards. This is the second year of the Burnout, which replaced the older Buck Up.

Ride Alter Ego

The Ride Alter Ego is a directional split tail board, that has a lock (like a split board) that can lock or unlock the tail of the board depending on the style of riding you want.

Ride Helix

The Ride Helix has been around for a few seasons now, and is a asymmetrical twin park board. This year it has a regular camber profile, changed from the older season hybrid twin shape.

Ride Buck Up

Seb Toot’s pro model Ride Buck Up snowboard is made to kill it in the park. It has a Hybrid Twin profile, which means it has a large stable camber zone, with smaller rocker sections on the nose and tail. It gives a mix of the reliability, pop and edge hold that you need from a camber board, as well…

Ride Machete

The Ride Machete is designed to be an all mountain freestyle board that you can ride anywhere. If if has been dumping, take it into deep pow, if it is sunny take it in the park, just ride it anywhere. It has the LowRize rocker profile, which is made of a large stable section. It keeps you steady and has…

Ride OMG

The Ride OMG is a womens freestyle board, made for ladies who want to ride hard in the park.

Ride Compact

The Ride Compact is the womens park board that can handle the whole mountain. It has the park suitable LowRize rocker, which means that there is a large flat section in the board which keeps it stable, and rocker on the nose and tail to still keep the board loose and playful. Chatter at high speeds is reduced because of…

Ride Slackcountry

The Ride Slackcountry is the powder killer of the Ride range. It has their HighRize rocker, which is the most rockerish of the their profiles. It has the larger amount of rocker in the nose, with a flat stable section between the feet and some more rocker on the tail. Although it is a directional board, it still does a decent…

Ride Highlife UL

The Ride Highlife UL is a high end, all mountain performer. It uses the Hybrid All Mountain profile, which is a combination of rocker and camber. It has a large camber section, providing stability and edge hold, while adding rocker on the tip which helps with float in deep snow. The core is all wood, and uses their Carbon Array…

Ride Buckwild

The Ride Buckwild is designed to be a fun board. It has a Twin Rocker profiles, which means there is a large stable platform through the middle, then with a small amount of rocker at both the tip and tail. The Buckwild has a lot of Rides technology in it: Slimewalls which help dampen chatter and absorb impacts to the…

Ride Bezerker

The Ride Bezerker is a capable board made for riders who want a board that can shred through pow but still handle itself all over the mountain. It uses Ride’s Hybrid All Mountain profile, which is a combination of a large camber section with a rocker nose. This give you float in pow, but still keeps a large stable area…

Ride Kink

The Ride Kink is a soft flexing jib board, that now has a twin hybrid camber profile, for a bit more stability. Made for jibbing, it has a really soft flex (2/10) and the thicker Cleave Edge edges.