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Burton Cartel

Burton Cartel

The Burton Cartel is a popular medium stiff binding that works very well riding any terrain.

It is available in two versions, the EST and the Re:Flex. The EST version is made to work only on Burton Channel boards, while the Re:Flex version can be mounted on both the regular 4×4/4×2 or Burton Channel boards.

The Cartel is a popular binding amongst pro snowboarders, even ones that aren’t sponsored by Burton. Have a look at the X-Games, Dew Tour or the Olympics, there will be a lot of riders using Cartels.

The Cartels are not a binding I would recommend for a beginner. They have a stiffer flex, which isn’t going to be friendly for someone learning. If you are just starting out, look at the Customs or the Missions for something in between.

2017 Burton Cartel Details

Features on the 2017 Burton Cartels

Some of the materials are slightly different on the EST versions, and the EST has a bit stiffer flex rating.

  • Single-Component 45% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Baseplate
  • Single-Component Canted Living Hinge Hi-Back
  • Zero Lean Hi-Back
  • Hammockstrap
  • Flex Slider
  • Supergrip Capstrap
  • Double Take Buckes with Insta Click

The main changes with the 2017 Cartels are the new ankle strap and toe caps, which are the same as the 2016 Malavitas. Rather than the older material style ankle straps, the Hammockstrap is made up of a mesh of fairly firm plastic. One good thing about these ankle straps is that they don’t stretch. With the older style straps, you would eventually have to adjust them the befurther down the slider, which isn’t a big deal, but these ones don’t stretch at all.

The Flex Slider is a nice option, it basically lets the ankle strap fold out of the way. At first look it seems like it is a weak spot, but it comes with a lifetime warranty, and I haven’t had any problems with mine, and they have had a lot of use.

The new Capstrap uses a lot of rubber, or some sort of soft and stretchy material, which fits and stretches easily over the toe of your boot, and won’t slide around.

2016 Details

Depending on the version, the Cartels have either a flex rating of 7/10 (Re:Flex) or an 8/10 (EST). Plenty of stiffness in the highback and baseplate for responsive and direct turns.

burton dialflad forward lean adjustmentThe highbacks are made in one piece, and are canted to more naturally fit the angle of your boots and stance. For people who want a more relaxed ride, especially jibbers, the highback forward lean can be set to zero degrees. To adjust the forward lean the Cartels use the DialFLAD, which can be rotated to increase the lean of the highback.

The Lightweight Reactstrap is a large and soft ankle strap, that is a slightly thinner version of their regular Reactstrap.

The Gettagrip Capstrap is stretchy and covers the whole toe.

Both the ankles strap and toe cap have the Double Take buckles, which have the regular ladder pattern on the back, with a diagonal pattern on the front. Compared to the old style, they are easier to do up, as they grip well from the first click and are don’t grab when they are being undone.

Features of the Burton Cartel

  • Single-Component Hi-Back Construction
  • Living Hinge Hi-Back
  • Zero Forward Lean Hi-Back
  • Canted Hi-Back Design
  • DialFLAD
  • Lightweight Reactstrap
  • Flex Slider
  • Gettagrip Capstrap
  • B3 Gel

Features specific to the EST version

  • 8/10 Flex Rating
  • The Channel Compatible
  • The Hinge
  • Dual-Component Baseplate Construction
  • AutoCANT SensoryBED Cushioning System

Features specific to the Re:Flex version

  • 7/10 Flex Rating
  • 4×4/4×2 Compatible
  • The Channel Compatible
  • Burton 3D Compatible
  • Single Component Baseplate Construction
  • AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System

Sizes Available:

  • Small (6-8)
  • Medium (8-11)
  • Large (10+)

How They Ride

I have ridden the Cartels with both Burton Hails (softer boots flexing boots) as well as ThirtyTwo TM TWOs (stiffer flexing boots).

The Cartels have a very nice fit over both boots, The ankle straps are large and soft, but even when done up as tight as they can go, they don’t create any pressure points.

The toe caps are quite large, they cover the whole toe and the rubber on the upper and lower stretches to fit the toes of the boot, so when they are done they would have no chance of slipping off.

The highbacks are quite stiff, which makes for very nice edge to edge turns, riding hard and fast feels very comfortable and reliable. They don’t wrap around the boot too much, so you are still able to press and tweak out a grab without being too restricted.

The Cartels seemed their best on a stiffer camber board, where the pop and stability worked better with the stiffer bindings.

I would recommend the Cartels for someone who wants some fairly stiff all mountain bindings, or someone who likes to ride a lot of park, especially jumps.

If you are a beginner, or like to ride more rails, I would choose something with a softer flex,

Even if I had a channel board, I would choose the Re:Flex version so that no matter what board I might ride in the future, the bindings will fit. They are very well made and I would expect them to last for years.

MEN’S BOOTS SIZE 6-8 8-11 10+
WOMEN’S BOOT SIZE 5-9 9-11 11+
EURO BOOT SIZE 38-41 41-44 43+
UK BOOT SIZE 5-7 7-10 9+
MONDO BOOT SIZE 24-26 26-29 28+

2017 Colors

burton cartel bindings 2017 black

burton cartel bindings 2017 blue steel
Blue Steel

burton cartel bindings 2017 dusty gold
Dusty Gold

burton cartel teal fade bindings 2017
Teal Fade

2016 Colors

burton cartel snowboard bindings black 2016

burton cartel snowboard bindings 2016

burton cartel snowboard bindings switchback blue 2016

Switchback Blue


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