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Over the past few years, asym snowboards have been getting more and more popular, with most brands having at least one asym board in their range.

Because of the way our legs bend, it is much easier for to put their weight over their toes, compared to putting weight over your heels. In snowboarding, this just means that it is easier to put more pressure on your toe edge compared to your heel edge.

The sidecut of a snowboard is cut out of a giant circle (or combination of circles), and when you put the board on its edge, that sidecut turns the board. On an asymmetrical board, the sidecut on the heelside of the board is cut from a smaller circle, which means that it takes less effort to turn more aggressively on your heelside turns.

asymmetrical snowboard

From looking at my exaggerated graphic, you might think that it is going to be a giant change compared to riding a regular snowboard. In my experience of riding a few asym boards, I didn’t notice much, except that turns feel very even, and smooth.

You will notice on any asym boards, they will have a Heel Side edge labeled, so no matter if you are riding regular or goofy, you need to put your heels on that side. It also means that these asym boards are twin shaped, otherwise you would have to have a separate regular and goofy version of the board.

never summer proto type 2 snowboard 2017

Never Summer Proto Type Two

The Type Two is an aysm, twin, hybrid camber board with a mid flex. It has a fast base and costs $570. Read my review here

stepchild dirtbag snowboard 2016

Stepchild Dirtbag

A flat, fairly soft board, that only costs $340. While most board companies put asym sidecuts in their expensive boards, Stepchild put it in this cheap model, as it doesn’t cost any more to put in the board. Read my review of the Dirtbag here

ride helix snowboard 2017

Ride Helix

A medium stiff park board, for $510. Read more here

capita spring break twin snowboard 2017

Capita Spring Break Twin

A medium flexing park board, that has a mostly camber profile, and costs $470. Read more here

yes greats snowboard 2017

Yes Greats

Made in the style of the older Burton Un Inc boards, the Greats has the Camrock 2-4-2 profile, with a fast base for $550. Read more here

bataleon eta snowboard 2017

Bataleon ETA

An asym version of the Evil Twin, it has a different asym version of the 3BT base, and costs $530.

gnu riders choice snowboard 2017

GNU Riders Choice

The Riders Choice has a medium stiff flex, the c2 camber profile and costs $570. Read more here

gnu space case snowboard 2017

GNU Space Case

XC2 BTX profile, a medium flex, Magne-Traction edges and a fast sintered base. Costs $580 – read more about the Space Case here

gnu b nice asym snowboard 2017

GNU B-Nice

The B-Nice is an affordable and easy to ride board, that only costs $420. Read more about it here

gnu carbon credit snowboard 2017

GNU Carbon Credit Asym

An asym version of the Carbon Credit. which is a very popular first board. Read more here

gnu eco choice asym snowboard 2017

GNU Eco Choice Asym

The Eco Choice has the C2 camber profile, which is a mix between an aggressive feel, and a looser rocker ride. Read more about it here

gnu hard candy snowboard 2017

GNU Hard Candy Asym

A medium flexing board with a loose and easy ride, for $480. Read more about the Hard Candy here

gnu head space asym snowboard

GNU Head Space Asym

The more aggressive C3 camber profile, with a medium flex rating, Magne-Traction edges and a sintered base. Read more here

gnu ladies choice snowboard 2017

GNU Ladies Choice Asym

A medium flexing, C2 BTX camber profile board, with Magne-Traction edges for $570. Read more here

gnu metal gnuru asym snowboard 2017

GNU Metal Gnuru Asym

An all mountain board, that is designed to ride everywhere well. It haas the EC2 camber profile, a medium flex and a decent price at $460. Read more here

gnu velvet gnuru asym snowboard 2017

GNU Velvet Gnuru Asym

A board that is made to ride in all conditions, that has the EC2 camber profile. Read more here

gnu zoid asym snowboard 2017

GNU Zoid

The one exception in this list, this model isn’t a twin, so it comes in a regular and a goofy version. Read more here

never summer funslinger snowboard 2017

Never Summer Funslinger

A soft flexing board with the RipSaw camber profile. Read my Funslinger review here

never summer womens proto type 2 snowboard 2017

Never Summer Womens Proto Type Two

The womens version of the Proto Type Two, made to ride everywhere. Read more here

Use this search page to find out if any stores have the board that you want on sale.

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