Never Summer Shaper Twin

never summer shaper twin 2022

The Never Summer Shaper Twin, or just Shaper is a pretty unique board, as it is twin from tip to tail, but has a directional camber profile, as well as taper. No other boards come to mind as having a weird combination of features like this one, but I was pretty impressed overall in how fun this board was.

Never Summer Proto Ultra

never summer proto ultra 2021

Proto Ultra Snowboard Review The Never Summer Proto Ultra is a twin shaped, wider than normal freestyle board. A bit of a step up in features from the Proto Synthesis, though I couldn’t really tell too much of a difference. *The current version of the Proto Ultra has a different camber profile than the one …

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Never Summer Harpoon

never summer harpoon 2022

Never Summer Harpoon 2022 Review The Never Summer Harpoon is a wider, directional and setback board that is made to ride a little bit of everything. The name is a joke aimed at the very popular Lib Tech Orca, another directional volume shifted board. It has the Fusion rocker camber profile, a medium flex and …

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Never Summer Proto Slinger

never summer proto slinger 2021

A mix between the Funslinger and Proto Type Two, that is combined with the new Shock Wave camber profile. While the Funslinger and Proto both had their good place in the line, I think that this is a good replacement for park riders.

Never Summer Proto Synthesis

never summer proto synthesis 2021

A big upgrade from the Proto Type Two, the Synthesis has a far more aggressive Shock Wave camber profile which I loved.

The original Proto had a decent upgrade to the Proto Type Two, which gave it the asymmetrical shape and more aggressive Ripsaw camber profile. The next step up is the Synthesis, which has a bigger step up in the camber profile, and a few extra features added in the core.

Never Summer West Bound

never summer west bound 2020

Never Summer West Bound 2020 Review The Never Summer West Bound is a higher end all-mountain board, that has a stiffer flex, a little taper and a bigger floaty nose with the classic Never Summer feel. Features of the Never Summer West Bound Fusion Rocker CamberWith a larger transition area on the nose for better …

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Never Summer Proto Type Two

never summer proto type two snowboard 2017

The Never Summer Proto Type Two is a new model for 2017, which is based on a combination of the older Proto, the Funslinger and the Ripsaw.

Never Summer Warlock

never summer warlock snowboard 2017

The Never Summer Warlock is a new board this season, which is made up of the best parts of the Evo and the Proto HD.

Never Summer Twenty Five

never summer twenty five snowboard 2017

The Never Summer Twenty Five is designed as a directional freeride version of the Proto Type Two. It is a special edition made for the 25th Anniversary of Never Summer.

Never Summer Swift

The Never Summer Swift is a powder board made for those deep pow days, but actually rides well in hardpacked conditions as well.

Never Summer Ripsaw

never summer ripsaw 2020

The Never Summer Ripsaw is an all mountain twin board, that isn’t my cup of tea, but has a few super nice features when you ride it.

Never Summer Funslinger

never summer funslinger snowboard 2017

The Never Summer Funslinger is a soft flexing, twin and asymmetrical freestyle board made to ride the the park.