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Never Summer Proto Slinger

A mix between the Funslinger and Proto Type Two, that is combined with the new Shock Wave camber profile. While the Funslinger and Proto both had their good place in the line, I think that this is a good replacement for park riders.

Dinosaurs Will Die MaeT

Dinosaurs Will Die Maet 2017 Review The Dinosaurs Will Die MaeT is their Team board (MaeT being team spelt backwards) which is a soft flexing, regular camber twin board.

Salomon Assassin

The Salomon Assassin is made to be a freestyle and powder snowboard.

It was explained to me as being like a big brother to the Salmon Villain, with a stiffer flex and more features.

Stepchild Dirtbag

Stepchild Dirtbag Review 2015/2016 The Stepchild Dirtbag is a flat camber, asymmetrical medium-soft flexing twin snowboard.

Rossignol Jibsaw

Despite the name, the Rossignol Jibsaw is not s soft jibbing noodle. The Jibsaw is made to handle big jump and hard landings. It has a stiff flex, that is rated at 7/10. It has a Twin Freestyle shape, which has a symmetrical flex, so riding it regular or switch, the flex is going to feel the same. It is stiffer…

Bataleon Airobic

Bataleon Airobic Review The Bataleon Airobic is a jibbing/park board that you have probably seen in a few video parts. It uses the Park TBT (Triple Base Technology) which has a slightly narrower center base than the Jib TBT (used on the Disaster). Overall, the Airobic is soft and loose, but the 3BT helps you hold and edge when you…