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DC Space Echo

DC Space Echo 2018 Review The Space Echo is a pretty aggressive, old school regular camber all-mountain snowboard.

Jones Twin Sister

The Jones Twin Sister is a board that is made to ride all over the mountain. The camber profile, flex and shape mean that it will ride just as well in the park as it will everywhere else.

Burton TWC Pro

Burton TWC Pro 2017 The Burton TWC Pro is Shaun White’s board, made to be very responsive, and be able to handle big jumps to icy half pipes.

Burton Socialite

Burton Socialite Review The Burton Socialite is made to be a soft flexing board, that can handle anywhere on the mountain.

Burton Skipjack Surf

Burton Skipjack Surf Review The Burton Skipjack Surf is made to ride deep pow, either with bindings like normal or without like a no board. Similar to the older Piledriver, the Skipjack has large rubber pads so you can ride/surf/skate on it without bindings.

Burton Nugget

Burton Nugget Review The Burton Nugget is a short, flat, twin board that is made to be ridden a whole 8-10cm shorter than the board you normally ride.

Burton Lip-Stick

Burton Lip-Stick Review The Burton Lip-Stick is a freestyle all mountain board, that is made for a more aggressive rider who wants a fun board.

Burton Flight Attendant

Burton Flight Attendant 2017 The Burton Flight Attendant has a freeride shape, that is made to do just as well on groomed runs as it does in powder.

Burton Family Tree Modified Fish

Burton Family Tree Modified Fish Review The Burton Family Tree Modified fish is a floaty pow board made for those deep days. Different from the regular Fish, the Modified fish has a reduced sidecut, a setback stance (but still closer to twin) and a round tail.

Burton Deja Vu Flying V

Burton Deja Vu Flying V 2017 The Burton Deja Vu Flying V is a medium soft flexing, twin shaped freestyle board that you can ride all over the mountain.

Burton Trick Pony

Burton Trick Pony 2017 The Burton Trick Pony is an interesting combination, it is a board designed to ride both the park and powder. Since last year, it has changed from the Flat Top profile, to the newer PurePop Camber. The camber profile is going help much more for park riding, which will give you a more solid platform for popping, as well…

Burton Pile Driver Review

The Burton Pile Driver, or its full name – the Family Tree Pile Driver is a combination pow surfer/no board. It only comes in one size – 140cm. It has a couple of uses, as a regular powder board, or use the rubber pads ride it as a noboard with no bindings. Mounting bindings is just like on a normal…

Yes Asym

Yes Asym 2014 Snowboard Review One thing that you are going to see more and more is Asym boards. Basically, the sidecut (the giant circle that is cut out of the side of the board) is different on the heelside and the toeside. The heelside of the board has a deeper sidecut (cut from a smaller radius circle) which makes…