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Capita Supernova

The Capita Supernova is a powerful, stiff camber board for people who ride hard and want that old school snowboard feeling.

How To Choose A Snowboard

Choosing a snowboard can be an overwhelming process, there are so many choices, combined with so many ridiculous technical terms that each brand uses. Hopefully after reading this, you will be able to make an educated decision and have a better idea of how a snowboard will ride by its description. Snowboards can be divided into these groups based on their…

Arbor Steepwater

The Arbor Steepwater is a stiff, directional, traditional camber board that is made for performance at speed and in big mountain terrain.

Arbor Relapse

The Arbor Relapse is a medium soft flexing, true twin, traditional camber board. Just like they used to be.

Nitro Pantera SC

The Nitro Pantera SC is a stiff flexing, regular camber board that is made to go really fast, handle big lines and big air.

Nitro Ultimate

The Nitro Ultimate is on the super high end of Nitro’s line, and has some very unique features. Cambered, light and responsive.

Burton Custom X

Burton Custom X 2017 The Burton Custom X is a stiff flexing, regular camber, directional board. It is the sort of board you will see being used in icy superpipes, and big air competitions.

DC Hellcity

DC Hellcity review 2014/2015 The DC Hellcity is a stiff flexing, regular camber fast riding twin park board. Regular old school camber gives it really good edge hold on hard snow, the stiff flex gives it really good pop and stability on jumps, and the fast base means you can fly around the mountain and not worry about knuckling big park…

APO Iconic

APO Iconic Sage Kotsenburg Snowboard Review Chances are if you have been following snowboarding recently, you would have seen this board before. It is the board that Sage Kotsenburg rides, and what you might have seen him riding when he won gold at Sochi. The APO Iconic is a park board, so it has a a regular positive camber shape.…