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Jones Mind Expander

Jones Mind Expander 2018 The Jones Mind Expander is a weird one, at first it looks like just a powder board, but it actually rides completely differently to how I expected it to.

Jones Carbon Solution Split

Jones Carbon Solution Split 2017 The Jones Carbon Solution Split is a high end, very stiff splitboard that has all the best technology that Jones put into their boards. The very stiff 10/10 flex rating, Ultra Iso-Core, fast sintered base all add up to make the board fast, light and expensive.

Jones Project X

The Jones Project X is a very high end, stiff and aggressive all mountain or freeriding snowboard. Made with the fanciest technology that Jones have, it has a core that is made from foam, fiberglass and wood, as well as a very fast base material and carbon fiber.

Jones Twin Sister

The Jones Twin Sister is a board that is made to ride all over the mountain. The camber profile, flex and shape mean that it will ride just as well in the park as it will everywhere else.

Jones Explorer

The Jones Explorer is made with a shape and camber profile that will work everywhere, from freeriding in pow to laps in the park.

Jones Discovery

The Jones Discovery is a board made for smaller riders that want a board that can handle freestyle. powder and chopped up snow.

Jones Aviator

The Jones Aviator is a traditional camber board, that is good for expert riders who want a freestyle and all mountain board.

How To Choose A Snowboard

Choosing a snowboard can be an overwhelming process, there are so many choices, combined with so many ridiculous technical terms that each brand uses. Hopefully after reading this, you will be able to make an educated decision and have a better idea of how a snowboard will ride by its description. Snowboards can be divided into these groups based on their…

Slash Spectrum

The Slash Spectrum is a completely flat freestyle snowboard. The Zero Camber profile means that it is right in the middle between an aggressive camber board, and a loose and playful rocker board. It has a 5/10 flex rating, so it is going to have enough flex that you can press and butter with it, but enough stability so that…

Nitro Pantera SC

The Nitro Pantera SC is a stiff flexing, regular camber board that is made to go really fast, handle big lines and big air.

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin Review 2015/2016 The Jones Ultra Mountain Twin is the high end, bigger brother to the Jones Mountain Twin. It has a rocker tip and tail, with camber section underfoot. Made for the freestyle ride who wants a board who can ride everything, the Ultra Mountain Twin is light, snappy and solid at speed. It has a 7/10…

Jones Ultra Aviator

Jones Ultra Aviator 2015/2016 Review The Jones Ultra Aviator is an aggressive, lightweight high end board. It is based on the award winning Jones Aviator, but built with their Ultra Construction, to make it into an ultralight board. Although there are a few Ultra boards in the Jones range, the Aviator has a different version of the construction called Air…

Jones Ultracraft

Jones Ultracraft 2015/2016 Review The Jones Ultracraft is the ultra light version of the Hovercraft. For someone who wants to spend a few more dollars, you are going to get a lighter, faster version of the its little brother, the Jones Hovercraft. The directional shape, with the set back stance and swallowtail mean that you are going to be able float…

Jones Storm Chaser

Jones Storm Chaser 2015/2016 Review The Jones Storm Chasers is a dedicated powder board that combines features and styles from both powder snowboards and surfboards. What you end up with is a wide waisted, fast and smooth board that has crazy float in a small package. Features of the Jones Storm Chaser Directional Shape Swallow Tail Wrap Tip Construction 7/10…

Nitro Ultimate

The Nitro Ultimate is on the super high end of Nitro’s line, and has some very unique features. Cambered, light and responsive.