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Ride Camber Types

Twin Rocker An almost flat board, the stable zone goes almost the whole length of the board, with rocker sections on the tip and tail. Ride boards that have the Twin Rocker Buckwild     Splittail The Splittail is mostly camber, with a large rocker section on the nose for extra float in deep snow. Ride boards that have the Splittail Alter Ego…

Ride Rapture

The Ride Rapture is a soft and easy to ride twin board, with a forgiving camber profile at an affordable price.

Ride Agenda

Ride Agenda 2016 The Ride Agenda is an entry level, easy to ride rocker board that doesn’t cost much.  

Ride Compact

The Ride Compact is the womens park board that can handle the whole mountain. It has the park suitable LowRize rocker, which means that there is a large flat section in the board which keeps it stable, and rocker on the nose and tail to still keep the board loose and playful. Chatter at high speeds is reduced because of…