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Ethan Diess

What snowboarding gear does Ethan Diess use? Most of the time you will see him riding a Burton Name Dropper, with Burton Deathfalcon bindings and AMB boots.

Snowboarding gear from Burton Streets

From the movie Burton:Streets, here is a list of the gear that Mark Sollors, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss and Jeremy Jones were using. Mark Sollors Boards: Burton Super Hero Bindings: Burton Malavita Hoodie: Hemlock Recycled Pullover Hoodie Pants: Burton Hellbrook pants   Burton Southside Pants Black   Zak Hale Boards: Custom Restricted Parkitech Restricted Bindings: Burton Malavita Boots: Burton Ambush…

Snowboarding gear from Burton’s 13 movie

Here is a list of the gear that the riders from Burton’s 13 snowboarding movie. So far it is not complete, if you know of any brands and models that the riders were wearing, leave a comment. Mark McMorris Board: Burton Process Flying V Bindings: Burton Malavita EST Boots: Burton Imperial boot Hoodie: Burton Logo Vertical hoodie Goggles: Oakley Crobar…