GNU Hyak

GNU Hyak 2018 The GNU Hyak is a new board for 2018, and has replaced the original Carbon Credit. For a while it was a bit confusing, with the Carbon Credit coming in two versions, the regular and an Asym version. To make things easier, the Carbon Credit is only asym now, and the Hyak is what the old Carbon Credit…

GNU Mullair

GNU Mullair 2019 Review The GNU Mullair is Nicolas Müller’s pro model snowboard. GNU describe it as a “directional all terrain freestyle/free ride power” board, but to me it rides like a good, old school traditional camber board.

GNU Billy Goat

The GNU Billy Goat is an aggressive, directional twin snowboard that is made to carve just as well as it floats in pow.

GNU Mutant

The GNU Mutant is a quick entry binding. It uses the Fastec entry system, which works in a similar way to the Flow brand. It has a stiff flex, which is (8/10) on Gnu’s scale. It has a large toe strap and ankle strap which both evenly distribute pressure, and keeps from creating pressure points. One plus that this model has,…

GNU Choice

The GNU Choice bindings are some stiff flexing, all mountain and freestyle quick rear-entry bindings. Features of the GNU Choice FT3 Asym Highback with Lateral Adjust Micro Adjust Forward Lean Stiff Flex Full EVA Footbed TPU Shock Pads Premium Denim & Synthetic Leather Strap Materials

GNU Agro

The GNU Agro is a interesting binding, it has high end performance and is made with light, eco friendly materials. Basically, to reduce the waste and harmful materials made in production, the Agro uses bio polymers that are made from non food stock vegetation. Other than that the binding is light, strong and responsive. It has pretty stiff flex, rated…

GNU Carbon Credit

GNU Carbon Credit 2016 The GNU Carbon Credit is a easy to ride, affordable snowboard that is perfect for people looking to buy their first board. The design of the board means that it rides well on groomers, icy snow, the park and in powder.